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Lance Wilson, one of the victims of the Dec. 2, 2021 attack in Kingstown, died in hospital on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022. (Photo: Facebook/Fitz Bramble)
Lance Wilson, one of the victims of the Dec. 2, 2021 attack in Kingstown, died in hospital on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022. (Photo: Facebook/Fitz Bramble)
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One of the three people injured on Dec. 2, 2021 during unprovoked attacks in Kingstown by a man said to be mentally ill, died on Wednesday, a month after the attack.

Lance Wilson, one of two people left unresponsive after the man struck them in the heads,  died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, his friend, Fitzgerald Bramble, who is also MP for East Kingstown, said in a Facebook post.

Wilson had regained consciousness after the incident and had been recovering on the male surgical ward of the hospital, Bramble had said in a Dec. 8 update.

“He is moving , and has all his faculties about him and is also talking and comprehending,” the MP said then.

However, in his post after Wilson died, Bramble, an opposition lawmaker, said:

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“Maybe he would have had a better chance of surviving if he was able to fly out to Barbados for an MRI . I am soooo outraged right now. The perpetrator of this crime should either be in the Mental facility or in jail!!!!” Bramble said.

He said that the attacker “murdered my friend”

“Where is the family of this criminal? What are the authorities doing about this? Is the man who committed this crime still walking the streets of Kingstown? If so, who will be his next victim? 

“This is total bulls**t!!! Would this have happened if Lance was a big shot in society? Someone please provide some answers. RIP bro.”

Bramble’s reference to MRI might cause some Vincentians to remember that Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was flown to Barbados after being struck in the head with an unknown object while walking among protesters in Kingstown on Aug. 5.

The prime minister is said to have suffered a superficial wound and a concussion.

He was to have gone back to Barbados for a follow-up MRI four to six weeks after, but, from all indications, he did not make the trip.

Wilson was not afforded such medical attention although he and another victim of the attack were unresponsive for more than a day after being injured. 

Meanwhile, on Dec. 3, police said they had  launched an investigation into the attacks.

The Police Public Relations Department said that the three people were injured by Cornelius Kennedy, of Lowmans Leeward, “who is believed to be mentally ill”.  

Police had said that Kennedy would be taken to the Mental Health Centre for a psychiatric evaluation.

They have provided no update since then. 

11 replies on “Victim of mentally-ill man’s attack dies one month later”

  1. Why you think you all should have the same privilege as Ralph. Now I think Vincentians are really going bikers. He was attack by a lunatic. Why you the people get some resources together and send him to Barbados. I think you all are crazy down there. Its just one man gone again. Get the lunatic off the street.

  2. RIP Mr L Wilson seriously why cant the run of the mill persons in SVG get the same treatment ??? come on all those in tall grass glad uno can afford it, but if it was one of yours you move heaven and hell to get that MRI done, as per usual have and have not, divide comes to mind. As for the alleged perpetrator nothing ?? no Update rahhhhhhh amazing how some real stupid crimes can make big news and reach court double quick enough said……

  3. Your ignorance is mine blowing. Leaves me wondering if you Completed Pre-care or even set foot in an educational institutions. I know common sense is absent too.

  4. yes everyone should have the same privilege. Its just rude to say one man gone again. what if he was the main bread winnner in the family. what if someone took your loved one away like that, would you say then is One man gone again.

  5. They were quick to institutionalized young Yugge Farrell 22 years old exmodel for using a word. How come now they have this mentally ill man walking the streets hitting many people over the head with a dangerous weapon. Condolences to the family and friends Rest in Peace.

  6. In response to the first comment, I seems ha your bitterness and anger are consuming you, did something nasty happen to you when you were a child?

  7. It boggles the mind as a Vincentian abroad why SVG with a population of almost 112 k people that the Milton Cato hospital is not equipped for folks to have access to MRI resources in 2022.
    Why do only folks with the means having the financial ability to fly elsewhere to get that service?
    It is the year 2022! Where is the medical community and the government ?
    Medical treatment should be accessible to all no matter what stripe or people.
    Donations could also be sought out to raise funds for these resources.
    Come on fellow Vincy ! Please wake up and do something .

  8. Do you omit posting comments for any reason?
    I sent in two comments to the above article which was never posted despite following your protocol.

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