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RedRoot SVG Inc conducted its annual book drive between September 2021 and ended Jan. 2, 2022.

“We saw that our children needed help to be ready for school, and so we reached out to various persons to assist us in helping the children of our nation by donating whatever they can towards this cause,” the charity said in a press release.

“We are delighted to say today that 42 book bags along with  school shoes, school supplies, and notes books were donated to RedRoot SVG Inc by the Women Without Walls, Canada towards our back to school campaign.”

Parents donated used textbooks in good condition and in return they received books that their children would need for school. 

“We also traveled to various homes on January 2nd to deliver school supplies for persons in need and weren’t able to come to us. We wish to thank the donors and the person who contributed in any way for giving us this opportunity to make a difference,” the group said.

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