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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in a Jan. 11, 2022 file photo. (Photo: Facebook LIVE)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in a Jan. 11, 2022 file photo. (Photo: Facebook LIVE)

Vaccinated people who test positive or COVID-19 should be granted a maximum of five days sick leave, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told Parliament, on Tuesday, citing the chief medical officer (CMO).

Gonsalves said he had raised with the CMO, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache a conversation he had on Monday with a private sector person about doctors giving vaccinated COVID-19 infected persons 10 days’ leave to be in quarantine, even if they are unvaccinated.

“And this morning, a deputy principal contacted me to indicate that she had contracted COVID and that she was also given 10 days.”

The prime minister said that Keizer-Beache said that while some doctors were giving 10 days leave,“ that is against the advice and the protocols laid out by the chief medical officer and the medical officer of health — well, the  Health Services Subcommittee of NEMO, that if, in fact, you are fully vaccinated, and you’re tested positive for COVID, there is no requirement for more than five days.”

The prime minister said the situation is different if one is unvaccinated. “And she said she’d want to make that plain,” he said, referring to the CMO.

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“And because I think that a simple matter like that can correct a lot of absenteeism and some persons wanting to take more time off than they necessarily should. I’m quite sure it’s just a matter of misunderstanding with those particular protocols. There’s so many of them, Madam Speaker, and so many guidelines.”

Gonsalves said that a member of the management of the Bank of St. Vincent and Grenadines spoke to him on Monday saying he had evidence that COVID-19 vaccines work.

“He said because last year at this time, when we didn’t have the vaccine and persons were tested positive, it took several of  his workers seven, eight weeks to return to work.”

However, vaccinated workers are now returning to work three and five days after testing positive, the prime minister said, quoting the bank executive. 

“… because the impact is far less severe. And that though the Omicron which is operating in a way by stealth, not as serious it appears, but we have to be mindful of the transmission and to control it — the spread and restrict the spread,” he said. 

Gonsalves was speaking on a day that his son, Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves, as well as his cousin, Urban Development Minister, Senator Julian Francis tested positive for COVID-19.

On the weekend, Agriculture Minister Sabato Caesar as well as Minister of Education, Curtis King also received positive COVID-19 results.  

All four ministers are fully vaccinated and two of them were scheduled to receive booster shots in the coming weeks, according to the prime minister. 

4 replies on “COVID-positive vaccinated workers only allowed 5 days’ leave — PM”

  1. Go to your Doctor

    Please sick people go to your PRIVATE DOCTOR and seek medical clearence with your health .
    and not the ones that are political employed by this dopy Government..

    We are also waiting to hear from the CMO about the Positive PMs and their time lime to isolate, this dog game is about the butget. But common sence tell me different that this rush to parliament is to AVOID NO CONFIDENCE VOTE by the Opposition because of the covid stricken MPS who do fellow the rules but want to force on the rest of Us are out. This is the Fear!
    The mote in your eyes.

    my two cents

  2. Maybe if Czar Ralph were ill from WuFlu, he would have a different perspective. Maybe if Czar Ralph were an actual physician (someone who really attended medical school, graduated, passed licensing board exams, worked through two or three residencies, had post-doctoral advanced education), we would have some reason to listen to his invalid opinions regarding any aspect of the Chinese-created pandemic. He is not, has not been, and never will be a physician or a healthcare-knowledgeable spokesperson. We have no reason to heed his “advice” on anything medical. His arrogance, smug certainty that only he is right about anything, and dictatorial actions indicate we should not listen to him at election time.

  3. Thought when you are jabbed you are totally safe, will never contract the virus much more to die. Will never ever die

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