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Shefflorn Ballantyne. (iNW file photo)
Shefflorn Ballantyne. (iNW file photo)

By Shefflorn Ballantyne (Under Religious Persecution)

Three months ago, the Ralph Gonsalves administration imposed a mandate on teachers and other public servants, forcing them to get injected or be fired. No one expected this wicked act against citizens by a Labour government. It was a declaration of war against the right to bodily autonomy and freedom of conscience. The ULP government was bent on forcing the choice of mothers, fathers and young employees to violate their consciences for a piece of bread.

What was worse, was the fact that there was no scientific or health rationale for this draconian edict, though the mindless pundits claimed they were devotees of “the science”. The “science” referenced by them continues to be a mystery to the ardent researcher. It more reflects the senselessness of fake news, misinformation and disinformation. The asinine measures defy all science and logic and continue to rob many innocent workers of their income and mental health.

The mandate is based on the long-debunked assumption that one can create a safe workplace for employees by forcing said employees to inject an experimental substance into their arms. The lie is that somehow this will prevent transmission of a virus within the working environment. How? Has it done so? Where? Such modern-day sorcery passes as “the science”. 

Not only is it a gross deception, but the so-called vaccines were never tested for efficacy in preventing infection and transmission of the “novel” coronavirus. The manufacturers focused their trials on the vaccines’ ability to prevent severe outcomes such as hospitalisations and deaths. Even with that emphasis, data continue to emerge worldwide on the utter failure of these vaccines to prevent severe outcomes in the vaccinated person. In the UK, you are more likely to die from COVID after taking the vaccines than you are without the jab. Check the UK’s Government statistics. 

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The vaccines do not stop transmission. One can only speak of safety from the virus in the workplace if there is a mechanism to stop transmission. The delays in the budgetary debates in SVG on the account of an unsafe working environment created by fully vaccinated ULP parliamentarians is proof of the failure of these substances of sorcery. Meanwhile, our local officials continue to slavishly peddle the lie that the objective of a safe workplace is met by forcing workers into injection centres to be jabbed. Such unscientific minds are driven, not by any proven science but by various materialistic goals at the expense of the health and rights of Vincentians. They enjoy the fruits of delusion as they shower the country with spittle heavy with misinformation and disinformation.

“Go get your booster” is the latest unscientific mantra. After firing and frustrating hundreds of teachers and public servants, the Ralph Gonsalves administration classified all they have done as “the work of God”. Some rabid supporters see the deprivation suffered by teachers as their latest source of amusement. The morally vacuous yes-men who are permanent satellites of a wicked government, continue to cheer on every morally depraved measure inflicted against us.

The mandate reflects an unscientific mind. It is absolutely cruel and illogical. God will certainly punish this unrepentant Pharoah-type government from whose bosom this tyranny emerged. What a wicked bunch! 

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4 replies on “Unscientific minds birthed this wicked mandate”

  1. Vincy in New York says:

    Are you an antivax or antimandate? Most writers are not making the distinction.

    Everyone has a choice whether or not to take the vaccine. However, the hospital too should have a choice whether or not to give you care if you have severe covid. Now you are going to say that is unhumanitarian and wicked.

    This writer lacks the scientic knowledge of virus. Even though the govt ministers are vaccinated, they can still contract and transmit covid because the virus mutuates. Did any of them end up in the hospital?

    I do not think that mandates acheive the required effects. Govt should have provided more incentives for people to get vaccinated. The vaccination campaign is also a joke. Making vaccination a political tool does not help. It should not be vax versus antivax. Even though antivaxs do not have science on their side, they should not be demonized.

    Covid will linger longer if people are not vaccinated. Vincies are not dumb. It is just that we are not educated about how viruses and vaccines work.

    Vincies, particularly the trade unions, ought to be clear whether they are antivax or antimandate.

  2. Why are the government of saint Vincent be punished when all over the world you are hearing the same. If you don’t take the shot and you are working in government and among children take a walk and stay at home. Why most take it and you hypocrite believes you are better than some and have the people believing in religion when you all are hypocrites. I am a god fearing woman, but I am not afraid of hypocrites who think by writing nonsense and following religion will get you all out of the mess you are getting yourselves in. Ralph do and will fire all who are refusing from taking the shots, go sit down home and eat breadfruit and bananas since there won’t be not much money to go around.

  3. ďelroy Anthony Williams says:

    Please detail the statistics from the UK that you are more likely to die from covid after vaccination than those who are unvaccinated, if you cannot, then please have the decency to withdraw your assertion. Just because you are free to post does not give you the right to post absolute rubbish.

  4. Wow. That’s EXACTLY how I feel. I’m across the other side of the world in New Zealand, and we are facing the same situation.

    I’m a teacher, and was mandated into getting vaccinated late last year. Our megalomaniac of a PM has now included the boosters in the mandate, and she too says her decision based on that elusive concept of “the science”. I will be refusing the booster this time, so I’ll be out of a job in a few months.

    What gives me comfort is knowing that leaders like these will soon find themselves on the wrong side of history, and the people will not forgive them for what they have done.

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