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S. Marise Butler, dean – Division Teacher Education, SVGCC;  Niesha Richards, bursary recipient and Natalia Gill, project director – Mustique Charitable Foundation.

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Students of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) are once again benefiting from the philanthropic efforts of the Mustique Charitable Foundation (MCF), this time to the tune of EC$140,000. 

Thirty-two full-time students from the SVGCC’s Division of Teacher Education (DTE) are the latest recipients of the MCF’s generosity. 

The funds provided will assist awardees with transportation, meals, programme fees and practise teaching expenses. 

During the handing over ceremony, Natalia Gill, project director of the Mustique Charitable Foundation, reminded the student-teachers of the magnitude of their role as educators, urging them “not take their role as lightly” given their integral role in developing and educating upcoming generations of Vincentian youth. 

Dean of the SVGCC’s DTE, Marise Butler, implored awardees to use the funds as they are intended and also used her inaugural address as Dean to thank the Mustique Charitable Foundation for its continued support to the Division of Teacher Education. Over the years the MCF has also contributed financially to students of the SVGCC’s Division of Technical & Vocational Education.

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