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St. Vincent Distillers Ltd., in Georgetown, on Feb. 7, the day of the accident.
St. Vincent Distillers Ltd., in Georgetown, on Feb. 7, the day of the accident.
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Statement by St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. on the accident at the premises on Feb. 7. 

On Feb. 7, 2022, there was an accident at a construction site on the premises of the St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. Two persons died and a third person was hospitalised

The management of St. Vincent Distillers Ltd expresses its most sincere condolences to the families of Delano “Scrapie” Spencer and Maxwell Seales and wishes Cameron Moore a full and speedy recovery. 

We take this opportunity to reassure the public that St. Vincent Distillers Ltd observes strict occupational health and safety rules on our premises for all employees and visitors. Since assuming control of the operations in 1996, St.V incent Distillers Ltd. has maintained an unblemished organisational health and safety record. We acknowledge that accidents do happen, and whereas we advocate for the same high level of care and diligence from our independent contractors we are however mindful that the conduct of works undertaken by contractors is beyond the scope of our authority. 

On the day in question, the deceased and the injured were a part of a work team hired by an independent contractor to demolish and reconstruct one of the buildings at St.Vincent Distillers Ltd in Georgetown. They were not employed by the St. Vincent Distillers. Immediately after the incident occurred in the absence of the contractor’s senior staff, the management of the distillery offered assistance to the injured person and ensured that he was properly managed and transported to the hospital. The construction site has since been closed by the contractor. 

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We are aware that the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is conducting investigations into the incident, and we await the outcome of these investigations.