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The area in Murrays Village where the body was found on Thursday, May 12, 2022.
The area in Murrays Village where the body was found on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Police have launched an investigation into the death of an unidentified female whose body was found in Murrays Village on Thursday morning, with what appeared to be stab wounds to the torso.

The body was found near Joyette’s Auto Collision & Auto Body Supplies just outside Kingstown around 9 a.m.

It was discovered after workers at the garage  asked a handy man from the community to investigate a strange object wrapped in bags in the drain close to the entrance to the garage.

The man, who did not want to be identified, told iWitness News at the scene that when he touched the object, he felt something like an elbow. 

He then ripped open the bag and saw the head. 

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The police were then called in.

The man said that the body appeared to be that of a teenager. 

The death brings to 15 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year. 

18 replies on “Female body found with ‘stab wounds’ in Murrays Village ”

  1. This is why most female vincentians can get asylum in other countrys, they say vincy is a hell hole for females.

  2. This craziness has become the norm in SVG, why are we no longer having meaningful discussions to try and resolve our issues, without a weapon? we are destroying the very fabric of our society. Stop the vigilante justices and try a more peaceful approach. we need to be more proactive rather than reactive.

  3. Plain Truth says:

    Wickedness beyond words. What could a poor little teenager have done to deserve being killed and discarded in a gutter like trash? This is utter Wickedness. How could people sleep after doing these things to their fellow black people? Oh God!!

  4. Come on, news reporter this is not Murrays Village. you all leading people astray, this is Richmond Hill where I grow up with my family. we are living just behind the Joyette’s Garage. Murrays Village is the second Gap and heading right into Murrays village. This is Richmond Hill…not Murrays village.

  5. Helena, I hear you.. but the reality is the people don’t have jobs, they are living in poverty now more than they ever did before. Therefore, where there is the above there will be violence and crimes… not just against women ..sad, but also against men and children.. a great way for change, is to provide employment, so that the people can take care of their families, and they maybe less motivated to commit crimes.. so a good way to start cleaning up the mess in Vincy is employment, not a love box and social assistance. Social assistance should be given to the less able bodies and a temporary aide for families in need,

  6. Monica Rosa says:

    This is why most of people who are in north America do not want to come back home. It is so scary to be among the criminals who walk amongst you God bless that wicked people in Saint Vincent.

  7. The problems stems from the fact that we no longer hold crminals accountable and proportionate to their crimes. Long live the hangman of the past. Capital punisjment is sill the order of the day in the grestest country on earth, rhe USA. Bring back mosaic law an eye for an eye and a tooth.for a tooth.

  8. Seems like lax parenting along with the desensitization by gangsta music and Hollywood movies eg Netflix is increasingly causing mayhem in the nation. Sadly the slow and variable, inconsistent response by the justice system is, many a times, regarded as a mockery instead of causing a pause, a deterrence.

  9. Cutbut mckey says:

    Another young life ripped from SVG. I hope the cops catch the murderer and jail he or ass for life or the woman family catch up with the culprit and castrate them. That young woman didn’t deserve such a cruel fate. SVG is a female unfriendly unfair f-up place. Such a beautiful young woman who deserved better.

  10. Nicholas Cyrus says:

    May her. Soul rest in peace my prayers goes out to her family someone mentioned the lack of parenting how About. The lack of opportunity and a Government who will not protect its citizens and a system that will compromise the forensic so the can’t find the DNA of the person that committed the crime

  11. Very sad day.
    I’m still wondering why a young lady is killed and dismembered and no one has reported a missing person.
    SVG , is a small place, you’re tell me no one misses their young child !!

  12. Agustas Carr says:

    Kenton it seems you don’t post my replies to these articles. Although I live abroad I am a born Vincentian. My comments are purely meant for awareness.

    Please allow me to express my sincere condolences to the bereaved family and those who have lost other family members through these senseless acts of violence. Let me say however, in order for crime to be reduced there must be a combination of different strategies. These include, a very robust youth development policy. Not just only in mere words but pragmatism. A complete re-engineering of the Police Force, in particular the manner in which we Police, how the leaders a selected, funding and resourcing, a well thought out Policing Strategy and a more people centered and engaging approach in policing.

    Full implementation and proper funding of the DARE People program in all schools in SVG; from Kindergarten to high school. Equally, children must be thought conflict resolution from an early age. A twenty four hour social services hotline with trained concellors, a clear strategy to reduce violence against women. a cross governmental engagements to reduce crime and proper penal reform.

  13. Education is the key here, this must start at home and continue in school, the government must do their part as well, then we will see changes

  14. The devil is looking for souls He has come to steal to kill and destroy We have forgotten our God and the need to put our trust in Him instead our trust is in men who has no protection or security for any of us. It’s one we wake up and start trusting in God .

  15. Take warning says:

    Monica Rosa, you so correct , north America is the most safest place to live, not even the buffalo supermarket shooting is true.

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