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An internet photo of a hand wearing brass knuckles.
An internet photo of a hand wearing brass knuckles.
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Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have launched an investigation into an alleged attack on a school principal by a suspended student.

The incident occurred at Mountain View Adventist Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist School, on Wednesday.

Police said a male student who was on suspension entered the school compound dressed in his school uniform.

He was reportedly standing in an area where students were prohibited from congregating and the principal, Gabriel Bowman, instructed him to leave the compound as he was not permitted to be there.

“The student reportedly became aggressive and struck the principal multiple times with what appeared to be a ‘brass knuckle’ — injuring him in the process,” police said in a statement.

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Police officers responded to the incident and Bowman was issued with the requisite forms to visit the district medical officer for medical attention.

“Later the said day, the student was arrested and taken into custody. He was cautioned and interviewed in the presence of his mother and a justice of the peace. He was then released into the custody of his mother pending further investigations and a directive from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. Investigations into the incident continue,” police said. 

4 replies on “Suspended student attacks principal with brass knuckles”

  1. Take warning says:

    The Good Book speaks about the generation of vipers, is this the generation it speaks about?

  2. This is disgraceful,disgusting,and a seventh day aAdventist school.It just shows you the violence that in in St V at present .Never heard of this happening before.They need to whipp him in public.He was prepared to harm the principal on that day as he took the knuckle duster to school..

  3. The fact that he went home and came back with brass knuckles, is an indication that he is a criminal in the making. The judge should have let him spend some time in the cell to teach him a lesson. These children have no respect for anyone, which makes you wonder who is raising them.

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