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The defendant, Ronald Iton, right, and Deputy Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel.
The defendant, Ronald Iton, right, and Deputy Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel.
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A Massy United Insurance agent has been charged with stealing from two people, including Deputy Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel. 

Ranald Iton, 36, of Georgetown, is alleged to have committed the crimes at Villa, on two occasions over a nine-month period.

Iton was charged that between Jan. 31 and March 1, 2022, at Villa, he stole EC$4,600 in cash, the property of Montgomery Daniel, of Sandy Bay.

He was further charged that between June 30 and Aug. 1, 2021, at Villa, he stole EC$1,200 in cash from Josiel Mornix, of Cedars.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to both charges.

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He is represented by lawyer Grant Connell, who was not present in court.

Prosecutor, acting Corporal Corlene Samuel informed the court that the defendant was on EC$2,000 station bail.

Burnet responded, “He allegedly is in receipt of over EC$6,000 and only EC$2,000? Police did that? Watch ah time!”

The prosecutor told the court that the charges may be brought against the defendant. 

“He can’t be on EC$2,000 bail,” Burnet said as he adjourned the matter to July 12, 2022.

3 replies on “Insurance agent charged with stealing from deputy PM”

  1. Sandra Bynoe says:

    He may be deputy dog, but he is not deputy Prime Minister because there is no constitutional provision for such a position. He can be appointed on the request of the PM to be appointed acting PM by the GG but only if the PM is himself unable to carry out his duties due to being out of state or ill, mentally ill even. He cannot be appointed as deputy PM on a permanent basis as that is unconstitutional. Not that the ULP stays within the constitutional rules in almost any matter.

  2. Hetty+Johnson+ says:

    Sandra Bynoe, they know vincentians are aware of this unconstitutional position and continue to ignore the laws of the land. A lawless regime!

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