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The entrance to Little Tokyo, Kingstown.
The entrance to Little Tokyo, Kingstown.
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Little Tokyo, the run-down main bus terminal in Kingstown, will no longer have 30 rum shops when it is upgraded, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on radio on Wednesday. 

The government will use US$5 million from a US$9 million loan from Venezuela’s ALBA Bank, to repair the terminal, which was built in 1987 as a gift from Japan.

“But one thing I could tell you, in the rebuilt Little Tokyo there wouldn’t be 30-something rum shops. I could tell you that,” Gonsalves said on his weekly appearance on state-owned radio.

“It would be a place where there’s a bus stop facility but families must be able to go there with their children and young people and be able to move about and enjoy themselves and to have the range of goods and services on offer,” the prime minister said.

“It started bad with 30 something rum shops. I know some people have their rum shop they say, ‘Comrade, well what go happen to our rum shop?’ Well, I’m telling you, you might have to do your rum shop somewhere else,” the prime minister said.

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“I’m not allowing 30 something rum shops there. I’m not allowing 20; I’m not allowing 10. I’m not allowing — anyway let me don’t go further; let me don’t go further,” Gonsalves said.

“And I know I’ll get criticised for that. But one of the things, if you notice, those who criticise keep noise but I think you are accustomed that noise don’t move me; noise doesn’t move me. 

“Reason, good sense, the interest of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, show me that and you will move me,” Gonsalves said. 

4 replies on “Upgraded Little Tokyo must be a place families can enjoy — PM”

  1. Ishaka Williams says:

    Comrade…only now??? After peole like myself were dismissed for advocating these very changes for so long? Is there something redemptive going on here?

  2. Take warning says:

    We still await the cane Garden tunnel and the cross vou try road. Hear lie, that’s lie, teacher percy say when you tell a lie you going to hell as soon as you die. Number 2.on God hae list is a lying tonge.

  3. Leg Spinner says:

    Promises more promises.That which couldn’t be done in twenty long years suddenly will miraculously come to pass. After C John’s beleaguer were pardoned and Police went on a rampage against ordinary protesters they now switch to making promises of grandeur.

  4. Upgrsde and then what? Governments , past and present have a habit a building and upgrading the just leave it there forever with no maintenance and seem to it will stay in the same condition. Build roads and no upkeep until it is unusable, gazebos at tourists sites falling apart and roof gone, same for bus stops, builfings etc. Kingstowm full of shabby building. Fine the businesses that don’t take proper care and maintain their buildings.

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