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The VIlla campus of the Community College. (IWN file photo)
The VIlla campus of the Community College. (IWN file photo)
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By Pam Destings 

“For too long we sit idly by, seeing injustice and say nothing.” 

It appears that the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) isn’t only a place of learning but also a place to hide. 

Around February 2021, someone who played a prominent but unsuccessful role in the 2015 and 2020 general elections on behalf of the ruling Unity Labour Party was “transferred” to the college to “fill” a post that did not previously  exist nor was ever advertised as having been created.

A look at the government Gazette will show this person was “transferred” to another post, with no mention of their being at the Community College. 

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Like a ghost, no one sees this person, and the individual doesn’t even have an allocated office space at the institution. And while the college’s staff has seen little of this ghost, the ghost was very visible on stage at a recent ULP event at Russell’s auditorium . 

The ghost’s duties at the college include overseeing and coordinating college outreach activities and events such as conducting presentations at secondary schools and participating in various career fairs and activities, but this job is done by the Registry department. It is not something the ghost has ever done. So what does this ghost do exactly at the SVGCC?  

Since her appointment at the SVGCC this ghost has done nothing, has achieved nothing, other than collecting a high salary paid for by our taxpayers’ money. In true ghost fashion, she did not even bother to show up to the staff meeting where she was introduced to the staff of the college and it was an online meeting for all staff. These are the perks you get as kickback for your unsuccessful work on behalf of the party. You get a permanent “vacation” masked as a job, that you’ve never actually spent a day doing, in an institution where the head, the director, can’t even object to your placement there. 

If the excuse of “working from home” was to be used to justify the absence, then that would be a clear lie, since the college requested all employees to resume full-time face-to-face work.

So, as our taxpayers money is squandered on hiding this ghost at an institution since they couldn’t be reinstated into their previous profession, the ghost still lingers while others at the college slave to ensure the success of the nation’s youth, even though they are frustrated and unmotivated by the management of the college. 

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11 replies on “The ‘ghost’ in hiding at Community College”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    Thisntype pf nepotism amd cronyism has been going on for all the years ulpnin office. They have become comfortable pf raping the country through these ” appointments” to gighboaying jobs. We lovenitnso

  2. Hazel-Ann Ellis says:

    It is things like these that must be unmasked as evil is allowed to rue the day as ordinary honest folks are discarded at will.

  3. As far as I see, a number of educators having titles/degrees are hiding behind these and are not necessarily performing better than those who are untitled or have no degree. Titles and degrees are merely cover-ups to hide their substandard performance. Then unfortunately the ignorant communities are being fooled into thinking that these senior educators are the only “professionals!” Sick situation!

  4. My recommendation is that “Pam Destings” go on with her role as SVG’s ‘Ghost Buster’, seem destined (like her name) to regulate the placement activities of our land. However let’s not excuse the “institution head, the director” of any innocence to the endorsement of this placement, all part of the political arena.

  5. Havetolaugh says:

    Speak for yourself Drew. Everybody not wondering. Think. We all know the ghost. Believe it

  6. Anslem Kirby says:

    Any wonder why the country is broke? There are many high salaried ‘ghost’ employees all over de place.

  7. Take warning says:

    It’s plenty ghost in hiding and they are exposing themselves more and more brazen everyday.. When you see them make sure you make the sign of he cross.

  8. This is indeed indeed one of the failures of the Ulp having phantom employees. The only way to hunt them down is to employ Ghost Busters. One Ghost certainly knows the other.Its attitude like these that will bring tge Ulp to its knees.

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