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End violence
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The Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation wishes to categorically state that violence in any form should never be condoned and allowed to erode the principles and foundation upon which our society stands. 

The reprehensible act that resulted in injury to the principal of the Mountain View Adventist Academy on Wednesday 18th May 2022 and the recent acts of violence, particularly against our females, are symptomatic of declining societal norms, which we are collectively responsible for upholding.

The Ministry stands in solidarity with our school leaders, teachers and females nationwide against such acts of cruelty, fully mindful of our role to create a more harmonious society and improve the circumstances of our people. 

To do so however, all stakeholders must work collaboratively, understanding that mutual respect and trust are paramount to the effective execution of the teaching and learning exercise. Parents are reminded of their obligation to protect all children and to ensure that they are provided with a safe and nurturing environment. 

The Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation will continue to act in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act and all other relevant legislation to safeguard the interest of all our stakeholders.  

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One reply on “Ministry of Education statement on recent acts of violence in SVG”

  1. Bull! What do you expect when parents and teachers cannot discipline children? If children are not afraid of being disciplined by their parents and teachers, then there is no way they would respect others and that’s why they end up before a judge or are killed or abused by the police.
    How and are parents to handle their kids and instill some form of discipline when they could be jailed for spanking their children.

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