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An 84-year-old fully vaccinated woman in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has died of COVID-19, bringing to 109 the number of deaths in the country resulting from the viral illness.

The Ministry of Health said on Monday that the woman, who had underlying conditions, 

tested positive for COVID-19 on May 31 and was observed at the Chateaubelair SMART Hospital. 

She died on Friday, June 10, at her home, of COVID-19 pneumonia. She was fully vaccinated.

The woman is the sixth fully vaccinated person in SVG to die of COVID-19.

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One partially vaccinated person has also died of the illness. 

4 replies on “Fully vaxxed woman, 84, dies of COVID-19”

  1. You said it clearly:- a fully vaccinated woman 84 years, with underlying conditions, died of COVID-19 pneumonia. Is ‘COVID-19 pneumonia’ different from the “pneumonia” which existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? Was their persons ‘with underlying conditions’ dying from “pneumonia” before COVID-19?

  2. nancysauldemers says:

    I’m wondering why this woman was not hospitalized for treatment if she was suffering from COVID pneumonia.

  3. Just curious if it’s not covid vaccine complications? Why should fully vaccinated people died from covid ? It was said that if one took the vaccine they would not died if contracted covid, maybe they needed boosters?

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