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Luta performs at a rally of the ruling Unity Labour Party in September 2020, as Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, right, looks on.
Luta performs at a rally of the ruling Unity Labour Party in September 2020, as Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, right, looks on.
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Soca artiste and Cultural Ambassador Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh is slated to take up the post of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Consul General in New York, effective Aug. 1, 2022.

iWitness News was reliably informed that last Saturday, July 9, Luta tendered his  resignation as sales manager of NBC Radio, effective July 22.

Luta took up the post in late 2021 after serving a few months as a director of the state-owned radio station.

iWitness News understands that there had been questions about Luta’s appointment as sales manager as he had not been among candidates who had initially applied for the post.

Sources in the know tell iWitness News that in his resignation letter, addressed to the station’s manager, Dionne John, Luta said he received an official call from the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, July 7, informing him that he is expected to take up the consul general post on Aug. 1.

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Luta is also one of the hosts of “Talk Yuh Talk”, a Tuesday morning interactive programme on NBC Radio.

In addition to his soca and parang soca songs, Luta is known for his compositions on behalf of the ruling Unity Labour Party during election campaigns.

In September 2020, he defended his decision to film part of a video for a political song at the Kingstown Cemetery, an act that drew some criticism.

In 2019, he secured the Road March title after his “Leh Go Ting” amassed one point more than Derron “Magikal” Rouse’s “Bloody Hell Crazy”.

Howie Prince, a former director of the National Emergency Management Organisation, is the current consul general in New York.

Editor’s note: This article was updated at 05:57 AST on July 13, 2022 to insert the words “as sales manager” in the fourth paragraph to make it absolutely clear that Luta was not among people who had initially applied for the post of sales manager at NBC Radio.

8 replies on “Luta to take up Consul General post in New York on Aug. 1”

  1. Breadfruit mentality says:

    In this country, in order to get work ( no qualification or experience needed) is for you or your parents Togo on a ULP stage. Youths listen up ! Follow the recipe, have your parents or you run around ULP for a few years and you will get big work. Don’t let society fool you. Education and experience are only for the poor or stupid people who don’t know how things are done in sweet SVG

  2. Vincy Lawyer says:

    This decision makes past choices seem sensible (at its very least). I hope there is an immediate and intense 3 week diplomacy class scheduled.

    This appointment just highlightscPolitical nepotism at it’s best. I am sure onlookers are wondering if educating themselves make sense or its easier being a “mouthpiece” of the current administrationm

    May the Lord bless New York because it will need it! I await the horror tails!

    Que lastima!

  3. Lard sen dung talagreese says:

    Ralph gone off, or he do this fo spite other calypsonians and other people. The secret to Ralph staying in the PM office is he does put a lot of yes man, stooges and outright fools in key positions. No wonder the country one step ahead of Haiti in GDP. The ole big belly pochagees hypocrite wan to ruin the country

  4. Elma Gabriel says:

    Nothing against ‘Luta’ as he has exhibited charismatic in doing what he does best so far, but I will honestly like to know, what is the SVG Prime minister’s prerequisite too endorsing the appointments of Consul General of SVG to any country? However, I must say that this appointment has brought us closer to some understanding; to the reasons for what have been the in-ah repetitive standards at many of our SVG foreign offices within the past few years.

  5. Take warning says:

    Some people really do sing for thir supper eh? What a shameful, disgraced bunch. They will even go to the cemetry t o disturbed the dead, but it’s only time alone will tell.. Time alone will tell, whatever we sow, that will we reap. What shall it profit any of us to gain the whole world and loose our souls in the fires of hell? Nothing, its all vanity. Its only for a very short time.

  6. The appoint of Luta to the post of Consular General in New York is nepotism and cronyism at best. Vincentian votes should send the Ulp a stong message in the next election. They have already lost the popular vote. The writing is on the wall. Look at what happen in.Grenada. However, my grand mother use to say that Vincentians have more belly than Boley is a truism.

    This is the work of the Ulp brass Julian the chief architect to stay in power. The old vincy slogan that moon runs until daylight catch up with it holds true. The much admired Bob Marley has a song that “bucket go at the well but one day the bottom will fall out. Have faith my brotheren. Hold the fort that day is coming all the millions that is spent on bribery will come to nothing. Julian your time has expired.

  7. It’s one thing I like about politicians, they look out for there own. Look at all the work this dude has put into the ULP regime, darm fam it is long overdue. I wonder if there was any other candidates with a higher level of education who submit there application with you. Bud, do your best because this is what politics do for people.

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