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Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar speaking in Parliament on Monday, July 25, 2022.
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar speaking in Parliament on Monday, July 25, 2022.

Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar says that by 2050 –28 years from now — people who are now 40 years old will have to make way for a new generation of leaders.

“By 2050, we who are 40 years now will have to make room for the youth to rise. And it will be a self-inflicted indictment by our youth on ourselves if we do not rise to the occasion of leadership,” the 41-year-old minister told Parliament on Monday.

He was at the time debating a bill to authorise Parliament to borrow US$62 million towards  financing of the US$250 million new port to be built in Kingstown. 

Caesar, who is into his third five-year term as an elected MP, has been identified as a potential successor for Ralph Gonsalves, 76, as leader of the ruling Unity Labour Party and prime minister.

But last Sunday, one week before the convention at which the leadership transition was expected to begin, the prime minister announced that no one had been nominated to replace him as the party’s leader.

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Gonsalves, 76, said he would lead the ULP into the next general election.

His deputy will continue to be 69-year-old Montgomery Daniel, who is into his fifth five-year term as MP for North Windward.

In the November 2020 general elections, Daniel retained his seat by 62 votes amidst a challenge from first-time candidate, Shevern John of the New Democratic Party.

Caesar told Parliament that the port is another of the projects that Gonsalves will be leaving with the youth of the country — the other being the Argyle International Airport, which opened in 2017.

“And our young people must rise up and seize the opportunities before them,” Caesar said.

Caesar is almost a decade younger than Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves — the prime minister’s son  — who has been identified as another potential successor to the prime minister.

The younger Gonsalves, who is Caesar’s parliamentary junior, is into his second five-year term as MP for East St. George.

“I have committed before to myself that later this year I will be working to mobilise young people around this country, Vincentians at home and in the diaspora, because generations of servants will continue to change,” Caesar said.
He commended Lenski Douglas, a young engineer, who is managing the port modernisation project. 

“As the prime minister and the representative for North Central Windward … had noted time and time again, that the youth must soar with our wings unclipped, which means we have to be ready for leadership,” said Caesar, a lawyer and national scholar. 

11 replies on “Youth not rising ‘to the occasion of leadership’ will be ‘a self-inflicted indictment’ — Saboto ”

  1. Lennox Fraser says:

    What a confusing statement!
    By 2050, ” we who are 40″ will be 68 …and “will have to make room for the youth to rise”
    Is this a message to the 76 year old current leader? Should he have let the youth rise about 8 years ago? or maybe now?!!
    Are you quoting the prospective leader correctly , or has he already learnt the art of doublespeak .like the current leader?

  2. I don’t know what you people see in this fellow, indictment = charge, just saying. he is playing the same Gonsalves game. set of stupid men.

  3. THE only occasion we as young people have rise up to is show we are stronger than slaves: you ain’t doing nothing for agriculture do y’all even look at our day pay and price for a cooking gas alyo does forget y’all word’s

  4. violin base says:

    Saboto is slowly but surely turning into a joke Gonsalves puppet. they will rig until they outrig themselves. every dog has it’s day? it soon will be dog day afternoon.

  5. Take warning says:

    Black people or must I say yard slave, house slave or jimbo? LOL, ar yo sole purpose is only to be used, the dotish stupid foolish people dem

  6. Take warning says:

    Has anyone else reconized the ignorance, aggression, immoral , evil, stupid,, dotish, ungodly, childish and what else adjectives in some people ? May Heaven help svg, very shameful. , the fish stinks from its head to its tail.

  7. Why is it Since some ar yo go to TNT, ar yo ah behave crazy, ignorant? Tell ar we the reason of going there, is it for a bath? get a beating? or something else? we want to know , LOL, a shame ar yo na ha. Shameee

  8. Bud, the Prime Minister is already past his shelf life, do you think he really want to hand over the leadership to you? You are a copycat, right down to the way the man speaks and even more going to Trinidad to get that “bathe”

  9. Calliaquaman says:

    Ceasars fumbo

    You lost great opportunity in the House Of Parliament
    to fully express to Nation that old timers run out of ideas, and we the young Education Revolution Google Brain guys knows how to cut paste, can lead this country betters and out of the quagmire that we are in from the dynasty of fathership,sonship and cousinship sailing SVG with old manifesto.

    You mumbo jumbo this one so your prospect of leadership is now in doubt just as Camilloo soup with yuggea music killed his chance to be crown.

    If “no one speak for me” then you fail this one because seem like you afraid of Cal, he may have all the cards on deck and he just throw you overboard in prime time. We understand how carb got it back crack .

    But you have platform too Distinguish your self from rest of pack and Nation may consider you future leader. Now we have start looking again.

    My Two Cent.

  10. What is the new project going to do for the economy, workers and people of SVG? AIA was supposed to benefit Vincentians at home and abroad, but that’s not happening. AIA has become an albatross around the necks of Vincentians. So what is this new port supposed to accomplish? Is it to increase export of agricultural products or accommodate the import of TIN food from foreign?
    Vincentians are having a problem visiting our homeland. LIAT that once help to move travellers’ around the islands is now dormant under Ralph’s chairmanship.

  11. What doubledygook! A model for youth leadership?
    I seem to recall the last time Sabie tried to assert any aspiration of ‘independent thought’ by merely suggesting that he had the capacity to ‘think’ or dare ‘speak’ for himself, he was un-ceremoniously banished to the corner of the ULP political dark room; thus leaving the limelight to the heir-apparent Camie. Chanting for “Ceasar” at the ULP Convention tells me that the ULP base is willing to take the risk that Sabie be given a chance at the helm of the party. However, true to form, (as was the case with Sangie and other aspiring young leaders of past), Papa Doc will have none of it! That swivel chair he has Willed to Baby Camie, even though poor Camie doesn’t add up! Hubris! What a mess this cursed, affliction of some politicians; not spread by “spittle”, but by dictatorial ego!

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