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Saboto Caesar, left, and Camillo Gonsalves in a 2018 photo. (Photo: Facebook)
Saboto Caesar, left, and Camillo Gonsalves in a 2018 photo. (Photo: Facebook)
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By On-Foot Observer

“It is not always a righteous act to render onto Caesar” – On-Foot Observer

Not too long ago, social media news pages provided us with a picture of the Honourable Saboto Caesar stepping into the prime ministerial vehicular transport. He was in the role of acting prime minister, and it was most unsettling. What was worrying is what it may have signified.

It is a widely-held belief that the prime minister is hell-bent on his son, the Honourable Camillo Gonsalves, replacing him as leader of the political party, and prime minister of the country. This conflicts with the common view that the best man for the job is actually the Honourable Saboto Caesar. Some would say that the prime minister has been positioning Camillo to assume leadership for years —grooming his ever so curly hair with skill and precision. Somehow, however, we see Saboto placed in the acting role during the prime minister’s recent absence.

Why would the prime minister feed people’s delusions like this?

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Why would he wilfully throw kerosene to a flame that could burn him?

Is it that he is just that fair and even-handed?

For those of you who share the belief that the prime minister is dead set on Camillo becoming the next prime minister. You may well be right, but ask yourself these questions:

After going through all that trouble, why would he allow a situation like this to play out in the public, making Saboto look even more prime ministerial? Why would he tantalise Mr. Caesar’s taste buds for prime ministership, and further validate the party supporters’ conviction that he is most suitable, and deserving.

Now, we know that the convention most likely would be limited to the election of a deputy leader of the political party, and not the overall leader. The natural thing to think would be that whoever gets to be deputy is next in line for the leadership, as we are led to believe. Could that same unsettling picture of Saboto in the acting role be an indication that he is destined to become deputy, and in a natural and predictable progression, become the new leader of the party, and thus prime minister? Can it be that straight-forward?

Did that showing happen randomly? Or is it a part of the plan? Not Plan A that most of us think that we have all figured out, which ends with Mr. Camillo at the helm, and taking the glorious seat of the prime minister — by any means. What I am pointing to is a hypothetical Plan B. In this alternate scenario, the party supporters who prefer Saboto as leader get what they want. Mr. Caesar assumes leadership and becomes prime minister. Everyone is satisfied. Mr. Caesar himself may be pleasantly surprised too, and may feel quite appreciated. The people’s champion would have the champion’s belt to show.

However, under what circumstances do you imagine the prime minister allowing Saboto a clearer path to the prime minister’s seat after all that grooming that he has done elsewhere? Saboto himself seems to have been under some type of grooming as well, even though he lacks Camillo’s fullness of scalp. His grooming may have been for a specific role —the preservation of a critical flexibility. He makes for a great contingency pick, to a contingency plan. Things can get unpredictable, and can take a turn for the worse. This may be the instance in which his true value is realised. Surely, the prime minister would not set his own son up for failure. Therefore, Saboto becoming prime minister may be nothing short of a bad omen. 

I mean no disrespect to the Honourable Saboto Caesar, and I don’t intend to cast doubt on his ability to lead. It would surely represent a shared triumph for common Vincentian to see the little black boy elevated to such a high office, against the odds. I can’t say that I myself won’t like to see that, but at what cost? If Plan B takes shape, we may get what we want, but we may not really want what we get. 

“Do not render onto Caesar a pocket of devalued coins for he may be doomed to come up short” — On-Foot Observer

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9 replies on “Say no to Saboto, Camillo is the way to go!”

  1. Yusiff Banditt says:

    Saboto Caesar, a little black boy? How disrespectful of you. George Charles, Comrade Joshua, and the honorable Robert Milton Cata, will you call them little black boys in too?

  2. Don’t forget while Camillo was elevated to several positions to raise his profile. Saboto was given the dead-end position of Minister of Agriculture, which ironically become the main job avenue for Vincentians, instead of Tourism.
    There is no slippers for Sandals in SVG because of the failure of the AIA to provide services and flights from foreign countries. All tourism issues are on total hold and will be more many years. No investors will pour money in plans that can’t show any improvements. So no Sandals, Holiday Inn or other fake hotel investors are showing their faces.
    Saboto should replace Ralph and Sleepy Brown should be Vice PM.

  3. Same thing he did with Beach, after saying he was not prime minister material, he fooled the people to vote for him that if the ULP wins Beach will be prime minister. know all along he Ralph will run things frim the background while he transitioned to prime minister. Stop Ralph’s dynasty and don’t vote for Camilo or i am warning Vincentians. take wah yo get.

  4. what an absolute set of crap. they coming out of the woodwork all about. People be aware of wolves in sheep clothing, When they run make sure you duck and get outta the way. when they say walk make sure you sprint. hmmm wa smell foul so?

  5. calliaquaman says:

    This writing is from I am alleging came “Quo Vadis” in the ULP Headships, (where you are going?), you are not qualified for such position. The boundary is very close, we know the farms, but natty head, reggae, and dancehall the full picture never reveal to SVG public, also the media lack investigation qualities to allow anyone to hold high position which out background check in this modern Technoloy age.

    The man with three countries, our Wafa (loyal) sunship, we declare, ha ha ha.
    Peter, peter burn them.
    We can do better, no one born a leader, they all learn on the job. Some leaders sent diplomatic pouch to friends in neighboring island. nothing was wrong with it in my opinion, we have to begin somewhere. Give Ceasar his blouse.

    My To Cents

  6. Duke DeArment says:

    Saboto is the favorite ULP. Why is the PM creating a “swim against the tide” public opinion situation? After the terrible vaccine mandate the ULP has lost favor. Forcing Camillo onto the party will be another nail in the coffin.
    If the NDP runs a campaign as good as the last one, the ULP will need all they can get.

  7. Nathan J Green says:

    They dynasty will become a kingdom unless you are all careful. It really is heave-ho time, time to dump them and have fresh start.


  8. Take warning says:

    Either of them,? no moral, no integrity, too much much deep inner wounds . arrogant, wicked disrespectful , rude, spiteful anger. evil, no love, angrily outbursts. some people to trample, some to suffer and dead , some to go mental home , _. can only imagine what goes on in some people home. we can’t pretend, what’s in our hearts much comes out.

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