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By Anthony Stewart, PhD

A pest is any organism that spreads disease, causes destruction or is otherwise a nuisance. We are plagued by many pests but it would take our concerted collective action to get rid of them or keep their population down. Unless all of us do our part as individuals the problem of pests will persist. We are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

We may choose to control pest through biological, chemical, or cultural practices. Biological control involves the use of a predator organism to keep down the population of the prey. One example is the use of the ladybird beetle to control the pink mealy bug. Chemical control involves the use of a pesticide to kill the pest. One example is the use of insecticide spray to kill cockroaches. Cultural practices to control pests may include rotating crops, sanitation, trap crops, soil quality management, plowing, resistant plants, among others.

It is the mango season and while we enjoy all the delicious varieties of mangoes, we can all do something to help eliminate the mango seed weevil. The challenge for us is to save and destroy all the mango seeds through burning. If we have mango trees we should also collect all the fallen and spoilt mangoes so that we can destroy the seeds in a similar fashion.

Whatever the pest is we can do our part as individuals to GET RID AH DEM  through our own efforts guided by the available information with the most environmentally friendly method.

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6 replies on “Get rid ah dem”

  1. Wondering the same thing too. Like they want us to starve. Next you hear they selling us mango plants AND licenses to grow them and and licenses to sell the fruits! Honestly from the topic, I thought this was about getting rid of the pests in administration. It would have made much more sense.

  2. The topic surely caught many! It might have been click bait if the juice of the article wasn’t so on point and informative. Lol!

  3. Folks insecticide also kill birds that helps to control those insects. Frogs help to control the mosquito eggs in water that doesn’t flow easily. DDT destroyed lots of birds that once flourish in SVG. Birds should be reintroduced to help control the mosquito.
    Bats is and was the best mosquito killer. We need to increase the number by building small bird houses close to our homes, so they don’t live in our homes, but are there to kill the mosquito when they come out when the sun goes down.
    The agriculture and the sanitary department can get involve with this system. The rivers should be cleared and clean to allow water to flow freely to the sea. Forget about putting flower pot in your home because each time you water them the mosquito lays it egg in the water around the roots.
    The sanitary department should visit villages and town to ensure no water containers like old tyres, cars, barrels and other water containers are in the back yard. All gutters should be underground and allowed to flow fast and right into the main gutter.
    Then there are some recent solar mosquito machines that attracts the mosquito and kill them that cost $50US. A few of these around your home will kill the mosquito before it enter the house. You can also monitor the number of mosquitoes killed and see a reduction over a period of time.
    Pass this info the hardware stores so they can import these machines,. The get the government to allow the duty free to reduce the price, so a large number of home owners can buy 1 – 4 machines. I am sure any money spent for health and happiness is worth it.

    RECHOO Mpsquito Solar zapper

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