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New Pavilion at the Layou playing field 1
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By Agency for Public Information  

An EC$400,000 sporting facility was opened in Central Leeward on Sunday.The Layou playing field now has a new pavilion with changing rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms and two seating areas.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Area Representative Orando Brewster urged the residents of Layou to take care of the facility. The minister added that the playing field will be enclosed and further work will be done on the old pavilion to house a gym and a conference room.

The project, which started in 2020, was supported by the National Lotteries Authority, at an initial cost of EC$389,000 but due to vandalism and theft, additional work had to be done and more funds allocated.

Further upgrades of sporting facilities are scheduled for Central Leeward in Barrouallie and Buccament Bay. 

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The Layou playing field will be managed by the Layou Sports and Culture Association.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Service Consumer Affairs and Sports, Frederick Stephenson said the government remains committed to upgrading and constructing sporting facilities across the country.

Speaking at the opening of the Layou Pavilion on Sunday, Stephenson said facilities will soon be opened in Green Hill, Evesham and Lowmans Leeward.

The minister added that an EC$2.3 million upgrade of the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex is already underway, which would modernise and transform the complex.

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  1. Spend taxpayers money for the good of the people not to fill ULP ⁰politicians pockets. All ULP politicians rich off of poor people’s backs.

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