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In late September 2022, the Kingstown Fish Market announced higher vending fees, effective Oct. 1, 2022.

The vendors said the new fees would push fish to EC$15 a pound, making it unavailable to ‘poor people’.

They decided to strike from Oct. 3-5 to pressure the market to relook the fees.

Here’s our full report…

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2 replies on “VIDEO: Protest forces reduction in fish vending fees”

  1. Ralph can change his name to: ‘the most lying Prime minister in the region’. Prices gone up all about but our salaries can absorb that without throwing our personal economy into disarray. Our salaries are adjusted to offset inflation. In SVG is quite a different story when you hear workers haven’t seen a raise in decades. The problem with Ralph, Camillo and ULP Gov’t is they can’t do the required maths to make the economy work the way it should. You can google the solution.

  2. Use pumps to bring in sea water so they don’t have to use water from the system. Use sea water to wash down the environment. As soon as you get solar panels the cost will be reduced, so don’t blame COVID and the Russian war. Get them now!
    Like one person said: there is lot of talk with very little data to prove what it cost to operate the fish market. They should not be talking about profit because the government cannot talk about making profit from essential issues that people are covering with taxes already.

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