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The Traffic Department announced on Thursday that due to a funeral service scheduled to take place at the Biabou Methodist Church on Saturday, Oct. 22, at 9 a.m., traffic arrangements would be as follows:

Motorists travelling along the Windward Highway would do so along the usual route. However, persons travelling from the direction of Georgetown and Peruvian Vale to Simon would not be allowed to make a right or left turn at the Biabou Bridge.

Traffic travelling from the direction of Georgetown to Simon would make a right turn, and motorists coming from the direction of Peruvian Vale would make a left turn at the junction opposite the Biabou Playing Field towards Simon.

Persons attending the funeral would be permitted to park at the Biabou Primary School Yard and the Biabou Playing Field.

The police are soliciting the cooperation of the general public in this regard.
Editor’s note: This article was updated after police corrected the date of the funeral.

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One reply on “Traffic advisory for Biabou”

  1. Rasmin Rogers says:

    I would advise motorists to drive carefully because Simon road has been neglected for years upon years and need urgent attention. There are also areas of broken embankments and narrowing areas.

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