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A Marriaqua farmer is dead and another in police custody after a chopping incident in Mt Pleasant/Majorca sometime after 1 a.m. Wednesday.

A relative told iWitness News that the dead is Hilton Thomas, aged 56.

The relative said that information suggests that Thomas and another resident of the area had a dispute.

Thomas reportedly went to the assailant’s home and was arguing when he was chopped outside the door of the assailant’s house.

He died at the scene, allegedly of his injuries.

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Police have confirmed the incident but have offered no further information at this time.

The killing brings to 37 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.  

4 replies on “Mt Pleasant farmer chopped to death during argument”

  1. Y These people Cant handle these Issues Differently
    Devil Really Busy
    All these Killin Over what
    Lord Have Mercy On Our Soul

  2. A man’s home is his sanctuary. Prima face evidence shows that the victim found him in an uninvited territory or domain. Full investigation is pending. Issues such as self defence are possible words to explore or will surfaced.

  3. The victim should have kept his ass home. See how people can walk or run to their death? Why didn’t he just left well alone? Him going to the assailant’s house was just pompous. It’s sad that he lost his life but he begged for that. Man’s heart is desperately wicked, the Bible states that.

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