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Minivan incident in North Union
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Commissioner of Police Colin John has suspended the driver’s licence of Jayron Hull, a police officer who drives for the Criminal Investigations Department, over the video in which a minivan is recorded cornering on two wheels.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the police chief has acted against the Green Hill resident as the Traffic Branch prepares to bring charges against him in relation to the incident.

The commissioner of police can temporarily suspend any driver’s permit in this way.

Sources tell iWitness News that Hull, who enlisted in the police force about two years ago, is alleged to have been driving the minivan when the incident, which was recorded on video occurred in North Union.

Several persons are seen in the minivan as it corners so hard that the wheels on the right side lifted off the road briefly.

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A number of persons, including students, are at the left side of the road near to the where the incident occurred and one of them appear to be recording the van on a mobile device and celebrating after two of the wheels left the road.

On Sunday, police said that the Traffic Department has launched investigations into several videos that were being circulated on social media “depicting motorists engaged in dangerous and reckless driving on public roads.

“The RSVGPF wishes to assure the general public that after the investigations are completed, the culprits would be held accountable according to the law,” the police statement said.

It continued:

“The roads in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are not racetracks. They are to be used with due care and attention, and consideration for other users. Therefore, the RSVGPF calls on all motorists to desist from this reckless behaviour and drive carefully and responsibly on public roads.”

12 replies on “Police chief suspends cop’s driver’s licence over minivan two-wheel incident”

  1. It’s alleged that lots of these mini vans are owned by cops. It’s conflict of interest when these bus drivers( police)
    keep breaking traffic laws and no one is being held accountable until their irresponsible driving is recorded by civilians…just goes to show the incompetence of the leadership of this police force and by extension the government of this country.

  2. Simple question, on what authority does the commissioner of police revoke the driving privileges of anyone? Shouldn’t this be reserved for the courts? This kind of overreach and misplaced power is what is wrong with our country.

    Now I am not saying that he can not stop him from driving a vehicle on the job. That is well within his preview. I fully support that action. I am in full support of his suspension until his case is investigated and resolved

  3. Bravo Commissioner of Police John for your swift action into this matter and possible discipline action against the Constable involved no one is above the law especially when there’s an alarming amount of Minivan Accident almost every day in St.Vincent how can such recklessness be tolerated especially by a serving member of the Police Force.

  4. These type of drivers MUST NEVER be allow to DRIVE AGAIN, it’s dangerous to them and others, all insurance companies Must refuse them cover, we have no healthcare in the country and they are making it worst, if they wish to kill themselves they can do it in another way, and do not involve the PUBLIC

  5. I used to submit comments to this print medium but stopped because they publish what they think is convenient under the disguise of being libelous and not because of accountability to the people.
    PS: let’s see if you publish this.
    It is an unacceptable act to allow the prisoners to run the asylum.
    Someone tell me why would the practice of public safety changed with these passenger vans and their drivers when police officers have a vested interest in these vehicles?
    They look the other way because of it.
    St Vincent needs a special unit with no vested interest patrolling the streets to combat this problem for the good of all,

  6. He should be fired. Ralph, please buy some speed signs and ensure they are followed, or the driver will lose hi/hers license. There should and must be speed limits in Villages and towns, especially where there are schools. Get these vans and their drivers off the road.

  7. Simple question, on what authority does the commissioner of police revoke the driving privileges of anyone?
    Like Seriously Mr . HORATIO
    Thats a Dumb Ass Question
    Use yo Head n Think Man
    He is d Commissioner Of Police
    And D Guy Is A Police Officer
    U Get That

  8. DRE, HORATIO is absolutely spot-on in his analysis. The COP should not have the power to arbitrarily revoke an employee’s driver license, because doing so can can lead to charges of abuse and favoritism. Any revocation should involve a hearing before an administrative body. Meanwhile, that doesn’t mean that the COP cannot temporarily suspend the officer’s on-the-job driving privileges until the hearing.

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