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police investigation
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Police have launched an investigation into an extensively decomposed body in Vermont, believed to be that of Leopold “Gathers” Goddard, of Queensbury.

The body was found on Friday by a farmer who went to check on Goddard after not seeing him for a few days.

iWitness News was reliably informed that when the farmer went to Goddard’s residence, he saw his dog dead in the pen.

The animal’s appeared to have died of starvation.

On further checks the farmer discovered the body, which has been tentatively identified as Goddard’s.

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iWitness News understands that health professionals have estimated that the deceased had been dead for over a month.

4 replies on “Decomposed body found in Vermont”

  1. How can this guy be dead for over a month and it is said that d person that found him when looking for him after not seeing him for few days. What it really is.

  2. Ok, so it is said that he was dead over a month and yet d person that found him, say he has not seen him for few days now. What it really is.

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