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Commissioner of Police Colin John and other senior police officer interact with people in Paul's Avenue on Tuesday.
Commissioner of Police Colin John and other senior police officer interact with people in Paul’s Avenue on Tuesday.
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The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force says it continues to reach out to members of the public in an effort to forge a better working relationship and curb criminal activities.

On Tuesday, Commissioner of Police, Colin John led a delegation of senior police officers on a walkthrough of Paul’s Avenue, Kingstown, the second such undertaking this year.

Police in Pauls lot 2

The delegation comprised Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph, Assistant Commissioners of Police, Christopher Benjamin and Leonard Fergus, Superintendents of Police, Kamecia Blake, Trevor Bailey, Clauston Francis and David Trumpet; Assistant Superintendents of Police, Junior Simmons and Elgin Richards, Inspectors of Police, Neil Jack and Markneal Ellis and Police Constable Ronaldo Francois from the Public Relations and Complaints Department.

The Commissioner and his delegation interacted with residents and bystanders in the community, the Police Public Relations Department said in a press statement.

Police in Pauls lot

“The residents outlined a number of security-related concerns, which the commissioner and his team took the time to address and also to reassure the residents. The resident expressed pleasure and satisfaction with the initiatives undertaken by the RSVGPF and applauded the commissioner and his team for taking the time to walk through the community,” the statement said.

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“The commissioner noted that in order to protect, serve and give the citizens of SVG a sense of safety and security, the RSVGPF is once again urging all citizens to assist the police in the fight against crime.”

The police force conducted a similar exercise in Rose Place last month. 

2 replies on “Police community outreach continues with walk through Paul’s Avenue”

  1. Please do not redact my post I-witness News. Free speech under the SVG constitution should not be censored unless one breaks the law.

    This khaki uniform has now become absolete. Seems very colonial and out of sync. Having worn it myself I think Police Forces in the Caribbean must shred this for a more operational feasible uniform. It is more symbolic of power and position rather than influence and results.

    The uniform emerged at a time when Senior Police Officers were seen as overseers. Senior Police Officers need to become more involve in working among there officers hence the need for a more practical uniform. Australia, England, Canada and New Zealand has long toss this uniform out the door. What are we waiting for?

  2. A question to you Mr. Carr- What other uniform do you have a mind for the officers in the RSVGPF?
    I still believe the uniforms are professional and looks very outstanding (GUCCI).
    In my time, the women wear skirts which I believe should have upheld.

    To each his own . . . Moving forward.

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