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The accused, Abdul Garrick in a July 30, 2018 iWN photo.
The accused, Abdul Garrick in a July 30, 2018 iWN photo.
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Police have charged Abdul Garrick aka “Why Why”, 30, of Rockies/Frenches/Biabou with murder in connection with the Feb. 10 death of Purlinea Greaves, of Dorsetshire Hill.

Greaves, a 28-year-old timekeeper, died in hospital around 4: p.m., about 20 hours after being shot in the head as she made her way home.

Garrick is expected to appear before the Serious Offences Court on Monday, where the indictable charge would be read to him, and a date set for a preliminary inquiry.

On July 30, 2018, Garrick was charged with robbery and rape.

However, these matters are heard in camera and iWitness News is unsure of their status of those charges.

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Purlinea Greaves
Purlinea Greaves who was shot in the head in Dorsetshire Hill on Feb. 9, 2023, died in hospital the following day. (Photo: Facebook)

2 replies on “Man charged with murder of Dorsetshire Hill woman”

  1. How is it a thug who has been charged with rape and robbery in 2018, is not in prison to be charged with murder in 2023?

    But again, nothing will change, when all the Prime Minister better known as the DEVIL is blaming the US for all the issues facing the Caribbean and Latin America.

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