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Kishore Shallow.
Kishore Shallow.
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Vincentian Kishore Shallow today (Wednesday) announced that he has accepted the nomination for President of Cricket West Indies (CWI) and will contest the March 25 elections at the CWI 24th annual general meeting in Antigua.

“I wish to express gratitude to the territories for reposing confidence in me, understanding that the continued effort to reinvigorate our beloved cricket is a mammoth of a task, which requires capable and progressive leadership,” Shallow, who serves as CWI vice president, said in a press statement.

“My experience in cricket administration at the various levels has positioned me uniquely to understand the requirements to advance West Indies cricket, and I remain committed to this, while serving all stakeholders in the pursuit of sporting excellence,” Shallow added.

He further announced that his “Pushing the Boundaries” manifesto will be launched on Monday across the region and published across various international platforms.

“This manifesto represents new innovative leadership, and demonstrates strategic and practical planning, with alignments culturally,” Shallow said.

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 Shallow is a graduate of Walden University in Minnesota with a Doctorate in business administration, specialising in financial management.

 He also attained a Master’s Degree in business administration from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and a Bachelor’s Degree in applied business computing from the University of Sunderland.

In addition to serving as president of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association from 2014 – 2020, he has served with distinction as president of Windward Islands Cricket Board from 2019, the press release said.

It further stated that he served as vice president of CWI from 2019 and chaired the taskforce, which developed the first West Indies selection policy.

Shallow also chaired the Franchise Review Committee and played an integral role in stabilizing the financial state of the organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the press release stated. 

3 replies on “Vincentian Kishore Shallow announces Cricket West Indies presidency bid”

  1. Kishore Shallow as Skerrit’s deputy you have not demonstrated that you have not contributed any way to make the administration of WI cricket a effective one .As a matter of fact the Skerrit/Shallow ticket was a collossal failure. Every aspect of WI cricket experience a decline during your administration. I want you to self assess and show the oublic the postives that you can say your joint ticket has achieved during your two terms in office.

    To continue with one of the persons who presided over the maladiministration of WI cricket is akin to recyle players who have demonstrated to hace poor batting techniques which are easily exploited even by mediocre oppossition. Sure there must be better adiministrators in the WI who are innovative and have the best interest of cricket to lead the WI to the next level. Self achievement such as the word Doctor is not one of them. Surely we can do better that recycling .

  2. Donovan Hunte says:

    We Vincentians cannot afford to be insular about it and give our unequivocal support to an individual have have deminstrated to be a wash up manager. Kishore/Shallow ticket when given the opportunity reminds of of a failed student.

    His resume points to a road having a dead end in terms of being effective as an one of the past administrator. His resume is decorated with mediocrity. We need administrators on the same level as Newzeland and other countries to lift us out of this downward trajectory.

  3. Daniel Durrant says:

    Dr Shallow your time as Skerrit Presidency has shown that you.have no clue as what is the meaning of proper administration. You tenor was poor at best so why should you be the pilot the ship? Outline for the average reader one of your achievment.

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