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The van at the scene of the accident. (Photo: SVGTV)
The van at the scene of the accident. (Photo: SVGTV)
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Police are at the scene in Savanah Gutter, Orange Hill where a van overturned Thursday evening.

Initial reports are that the passengers include students from communities north of the area where the accident occurred.

Source said that a number of students may have been injured in the accident. 

This is a developing story and we bring further information as it comes to hand.

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2 replies on “Van overturns in Orange Hill”

  1. There seems to be no ending of these DANGEROUS van drivers on the road, PULL ALL OF THEM AND RETEST THEM WITH A HARDER TEST, that will weed the bad ones out, before more lives lost

  2. Dexter Rose says:

    Me again. I’m moved after giving this prayerful consideration to comment on the issue of the wanton WRECKfullnesd on our roads. Can we reasonably separate the behavior from a general attitude toward life and law in general in SVG? When we compare our society with others, can we reasonably conclude that “something wrong with we”? I dare say that we are no different from any other peoples around the Caribbean and the world but that our behavior stems from a general feeling that there is no law enforcement in charge here. And I fail to understand why that must continue to be so.
    We, well, just about the majority of vehicles drive around with darkened windows AND windshields which makes it impossible for traffic officers to see who is inside our vehicles and we somehow consider this normal. I’ve heard it bandied about that people need “privacy” in their vehicles. That I shun totally. Not in a country where there is a crime wave – or a noticeable increase in crime. One would have thought that the only place a citizen should be guaranteed privacy is in their private residence and certainly not on the streets.
    Have you been recently at an intersection trying to enter or exit and realize that you cannot make any eye contact with other drivers simply because their vehicles are so heavily tinted? So what does this have to do with the overturning vans which as of writing may have reached five within the last two week period? This is part of a pattern of “do way yuh want” with no consequences whatsoever. We endanger the lives of innocent poor people who have no choice but to commute in these vans.
    Yes this ramble is deliberate because in my simple mind there is a definite connection we have long gone past where private operators hold the nation to ramsom.
    It’s not such a difficult fix but it begins with a recognition that we do have a problem.
    I remain a retired grumpy man. And don’t think I’ve lost my marbles. And I may ramble on at some other instance
    A transportation system is needed with urgency. We can’t await the next tragedy.

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