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At left, the van at the scene of the accident in Orange Hill on Thursday, March 2, 2023, and, at right, in the video in late January 2023.

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The van that overturned in Savanah Gutter, Orange Hill on Thursday resulting in several people being taken to hospital is the same one that was filmed last month cornering so hard that the wheels on the right side lifted off the road briefly.

It is still not clear what caused the van, HR981 to overturn as it transported people, including students, to North Windward.

However, sources told iWitness News that all of the students who were in the van at the time of the crash were taken to hospital after the accident sometime around 7 p.m.

It is also not clear who was driving the vehicle at the time.

In late January, Commissioner of Police Colin John suspended the driver’s licence of and brought charges against Jayron Hull, a police officer who drove for the Criminal Investigations Department, over a video in which the same minivan is recorded cornering on two wheels.

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The commissioner of police can temporarily suspend any driver’s permit in this way.

Hull, who enlisted in the police force about two years ago, is alleged to have been driving the minivan when the incident, which was recorded on video occurred in North Union.

Several persons are seen in the minivan as it corners so hard that the wheels on the right side lifted off the road briefly.

A number of persons, including students, are at the left side of the road near to the where the incident occurred and one of them appears to be recording the van on a mobile device and celebrating after two of the wheels left the road.

The Traffic Department said:

“The roads in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are not racetracks. They are to be used with due care and attention, and consideration for other users. Therefore, the RSVGPF calls on all motorists to desist from this reckless behaviour and drive carefully and responsibly on public roads.”

Last September, five men from Clare Valley died when a van travelling from the South Leeward community to a funeral in Owia overturned in Old Sandy Bay.

2 replies on “Van that overturned in Orange Hill is the same one from 2-wheel video”

  1. Tyrell Kaylor says:

    Unfortunately this will never change ? Unless the law changes and the attitude of our drivers change ??? Some unfortunately really have no great experience in driving even though you can’t tell them that, as with every accident involving the public just thinking about the injured and impact on them and their families… Come on SVG when is enough enough ??? Wait does it have to be (de people in tall grass ) to loose their loved ones for things to really change ????

  2. Brenda Myers says:

    If police officers driving like that, then what’s let for civilian drivers to do? Not follow suit. Wow, what a world we live in

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