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The deceased, Sheldon Welch. (Photo: Facebook)
The deceased, Sheldon Welch. (Photo: Facebook)
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The body of the Georgetown man who police had suspected had been killed was found “in pieces” in the mountains Friday night,

The discovery of the dismembered body makes Sheldon Welch, aka Butterz, 27, of Caratal, the 10th homicide victim in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.

Source familiar with the investigation told iWitness News that the body parts were found in bags in different locations in the mountains.

On Friday, police launched an investigation into a suspected killing and took three of Welch’s close relatives into custody.

One of Welch’s relatives had found a large amount of blood at his home, but later closer inspection did not locate Welch, or his body, although the scene had suggested “a slim possibility that he was alive,” sources told iWitness News.

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Editor’s note: This article was updated to correct the age of the deceased.

6 replies on “Body of G’town man found ‘in pieces’ in mountains”

  1. I hope they found his killers. I am so angry to see how vincentians love to cut up another human being, by using cutlassess. God is coming soon! And he saw the persons proforming their brutal act, On this young man. I hope someone do to u what u have done to this man!

  2. When all this senseless killing going to stop in svg ? the answer to my question is simple, when we get RID OF THE U L P, and put a PARTY that care about the COUNTRY, that will unite the peoples and the country

  3. Steve Huggins and Bill , the death penalty is on the books but it is a sham because in order to be hang in St Vincent according to the case law Regina vTrinminingham(compay), a convicted person has to overcome the hurdle test of being the worst of the worst. This means that no one will be hanged unless its a mass murder situation. The law that is on the book is a shell of its self since the treshhoold is tough and difficult to overcome. The sentencing is so predictible that one can predict with some accuracy how much time will a person serve in prison. In summary, the worst of the worst guaranteed that no one will be hanged tor taking an innocent life.

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