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Ann Marie Ballantyne

Ann-Marie Ballantyne.

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By Ann-Marie Ballantyne
[email protected]

In her book Great Controversy, 19th Century inspired religious writer, Ellen G. White counselled us to make the scriptures our safeguard. She reminded us that scriptures protect us “against the influence of false teachers and the delusive power of spirits of darkness”. Moreover, the Bible admonishes us to beware of doctrines of devils and to heed the inspired Word which is profitable for “doctrine … and instruction in righteousness…” (2Timothy 3:16,17).

The doctrine of the immortality of the soul has no root in the Bible. It is a widespread belief by the religious and non-religious. The falsehood originated in the mind of Satan who taught it to Eve in the garden of Eden. That devil contradicted the declared word of God. He deceived Eve into thinking that in dying she will not really die, and she will be as God. This satanic error has been weaved into the teachings of various societies and false religions — Egyptians, Greeks, Roman Catholicism and fallen Protestantism. With slight variations, they all teach that when a person dies, a soul comes out of him and lives on somewhere.

About a month ago, it was reported in one of our local newspapers that some villagers in a northern community of SVG, claimed to have had encounters with “strange figures”. They reported apparitions of five men. It was also alleged that the men were expressing their desire “to go home”. Some persons linked these apparitions to five men who died in a vehicular accident in the area last year. There are those who believe that the “spirits” of these men are still with us and that they are roaming the area. Can the dead really walk among us?

The Bible tells us that only God is immortal and that “… the dead know not anything, neither have they anymore a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.”. David also instructs us that when we die our thoughts perish ( Psalm 146:4). We go to the grave until God resurrects us. The dead person is not conscious and, therefore, cannot think or communicate with anyone. They cannot visit us or walk among us. They cannot give us any message of warning or comfort. We cannot be tormented or guided by the dead soul or person.

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Satan and his evil angels have supernatural powers and often create mischief. They sometimes impersonate our dead loved ones to trick us into accepting the immortality of the soul doctrine. They can appear like our family members, speak like them and behave like them. In this supernatural activity, Satan’s aim is to get us to believe that man is immortal and that he can be God. Consequently, Satan can push his deceptive claim that creation can be God with God. It was what he always wanted – to “be like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:12-14). In addition to seeking to exalt creation as God, the doctrine of the immortality of the soul encourages a person to be irresponsible and unprepared to face death and God’s judgement.

We are living in dark and perilous times. The true teachings of the scriptures must be embraced with urgency for salvation from personal sins and for preservation from errors. As we draw near the end of this earth’s history, spiritual manifestations will increase to hook minds into spiritualism- deceptive work of evil angels. The aim of Satan is for us to accept him as God with God. It is time to dedicate time to studying the Bible. Let God convert you to live by His revealed scriptural truths that you may be saved from the delusive workings of evil angels. Too many are trapped in the web of deception because of disbelief and ignorance of the Word of God. 

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

One reply on “Can the dead walk among us?”

  1. Thom spoody says:

    I have not read an article so profoundly written and well scripted as this one for quite some time now. Thank you for those words of guidance and inspiration. We are now more comforted. God bless you!

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