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Vending in Middle Street, Kingstown, on Thursday, June 9, 2022.
Vending in Middle Street, Kingstown, on Thursday, June 9, 2022.
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By Sheldon Bramble

Vending does not mean the harassment of people to buy your goods. This is what happens on our streets. It is done by some in an almost intimidating sort of way. Some of the vendors do not like order at all and need to be educated on what a customer’s rights are.

They are only concerned about their rights.

Here are just a few:

A customer has a right to be charged a reasonable sum for whatever is being sold to them without price adjustments for who the vendors think has more money depending on how people appear and speak. Some of them have no respect for politeness on the part of customers.

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A customer has the right to not be harassed and yelled at by a vendor to buy from them. They have a right to not be grabbed on the arm or shown a rude face for declining to buy items.

A customer has the right to choose which vendor to buy from. If one stall looks cleaner and tidier than others, any normal person will be more drawn to it.

 A customer has the right to complain about a vendor not keeping the laws of the country regarding vending. It is about time we follow rules and regulations.

A customer has the right to give suggestions to vendors as to how they might improve their strategy and become a more successful business person without all the nonsense about political leaders and parties. When will everything stop being about this in SVG? 

A customer has the right to buy produce that are kept under conditions of proper health safety standards. Cleanliness is not expensive.

 And with regards to citizen’s rights, we need to remember that we all have the right to live in a clean and tidy town and drive without pedestrians everywhere when they only belong on crossings. We also have the right to walk un-harassed on sidewalks without being cursed by a beggar, vagrant or vendor who is far too demanding.

 Lawlessness does not come from disagreeing with a party in power. It is an ugly behaviour that is seen too frequently among people who don’t listen to rules and regulations and would rather get on an emotional bandwagon with who has the loudest and angriest protesting voice lawful or unlawful. This is what is getting many vendors in trouble. They follow friends and not proper rules and advise. The quicker you figure out a strategy to take your vending to another level the better. The government does not owe anyone a living. That is a private matter. And work is definitely what brings income. Not laziness or complaints. 

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One reply on “Kingstown ‘vendation’”

  1. Thom spoody says:

    How about taking these issues up with the relevant authorities so as to have them arrange a scheduled public meeting with all vendors and bring them up to speed with these pertinent suggestions.

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