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The winning B Block team.
The winning B Block team.

The Prisons’ Behind The Walls Five-a-side Street Soccer Tournament 2023 kicked off on Wednesday with B Block getting the better of A Block to secure a 1- nil win.

Terron Prince scored the lone goal in the 18th minute.

C Block will meet D Block today (Thursday) at Belle Isle Correctional Facility Hard Court at 9:30 a.m.

Coordinator, Meldon James, a retired station sergeant of police who served for 31 years, now volunteers some of his time to rehabilitation through sports and drama at the prisons.

A Block
A block lost 1-nil.

The tournament is being held under the theme “Free On The Inside (It’s a mind thing)” and the motto is “Don’t waste time while doing time”.

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James said he started in 2015 as a Bible distribution programme because it was his dream that when a prisoner is discharged, he or she should leave with a Bible.

“In 2020, a Bible study session was added every Tuesday. Since then, four prisoners were baptised,” James said.

“From 2019, they were engaged in a soccer game against police every December at Victoria Park. In 2022, after my retirement, I took over the coaching of the prison team and it was the first time the prison won against the police,” James said. 

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