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Lesroy Charles outside Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on March 20, 2023.
Lesroy Charles outside Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on March 20, 2023.
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A retired soldier who was accused of punching in the face a cousin who he claimed stole his sausage was freed of the charge after the cousin decided not to proceed against him.

Lesroy Charles, 57, of the United States and Langley Park, pleaded guilty at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court to a charge that on March 16, at Langley Park, he assaulted Gretlyn Speedwell, occasioning actual bodily harm.

The court heard that about 5:25 p.m., Charles returned to the home which he shared with Speedwell and accused her of stealing his sausage.

The cousins began to argue and Speedwell went into the porch where Charles cornered her and punched her in the face, resulting in an injury.

The matter was reported to police and Speedwell was issued with a medical injury form.

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In mitigation, Charles told the court that although most of what was said was correct, he never punched Speedwell and he did not know how or when she was injured.

After hearing Charles, Magistrate Bertie Pompey entered a not guilty plea, granted EC$1,000 bail and ordered the defendant to seek alternate accommodation.

He also ordered Charles to have no contact with Speedwell and adjourned and transferred the matter to the Calliaqua Magistrate’s Court.

While Charles was awaiting bail, Speedwell, who was not in court for the hearing, appeared.

She told the court that she did not want to proceed with the matter and that she made the decision of her own free will.

“When me study we real up together, me decide me nar go through,” she told the court.

On hearing this the magistrate dismissed the case and rescinded the order.

“But don’t get yourself in trouble, that is my warning to you…” Pompey told Charles.

4 replies on “Retired soldier allegedly punches woman over sausage”

  1. In instances like these where complainants inform the court that they no longer wish to pursue a matter, they should be made to pay some kind of penalty to the state for wasting valuable resources (time, manpower, stationary, etc) bringing the matter this far.

  2. An unfortunate drama between family and and abdomen Who is the looser? Thè statè without shaddow of doubt.

  3. Nathan J Green says:

    Obviously a British Army trained pork sausage defender, had it been fish and chips or steak and kidney pie one can only guese how violent he could be.

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