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Marchello Mc Coy leaves Colonarie Magistrate's Court on April 6, 2023
Marchello Mc Coy leaves Colonarie Magistrate’s Court on April 6, 2023
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A 20-year-old Magum man has been handed a suspended prison sentence for stealing underwear from his former teacher’s clothes line. 

“You are like a nuisance,” Magistrate Bertie Pompey told the man Marchello Mc Coy, who told the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court that he was going to sell the underwear. 

Mc Coy, pleaded guilty to a charge that on March 31, he entered the property of Tessica Cupid, of Magum to commit the offence, to wit, theft.

He also pleaded guilty to a charge that on March 31, at Magum, he stole two brown lace underwear, valued EC$16; one brown girdle, valued at EC$25; one peach lingerie, valued at EC$40.50 and three multi-coloured boxer shorts, valued at EC$30, total value EC$111.50, the property of Tessica Cupid of Magum. 

Mc Coy, who said he has no fixed place of aboard, told the court on April 3 that he was sorry for what he did.

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Asked by the magistrate if he wears the undergarment, Mc Coy responded, “I sell them!”

The defendant had earlier appeared before the magistrate and was given a suspended sentence for burglarising his aunt’s liquor and provision shop. 

He was also ordered to pay compensation of EC$350, representing monies he stole from the business place.

The court also ordered restitution of a stolen purse and flash drives that were recovered.

Presenting the facts to the court, Prosecutor, Corporal 817 Stapleton said Cupid and Lavia are not friends but they would greet each other in passing.

On March 31, at about 5:30 a.m., Cupid, who lives in the upper floor of the house, receive a telephone call from her ex-boyfriend who lives in the lower level of the same house, telling her to come outside to see a young man coming from the veranda.

The defendant was questioned and he told Cupid, “Ah dey me does sleep.”

Cupid realised the clothing she had hanging on a clothesline in the garage were missing.

Additionally, a sheet and pillow belonging to the virtual complainant were also found on an outside sink and the brown girdle was found under the pillow.

Mc Coy told the magistrate he did not have anywhere to sleep so he slept in the garage.

“I’ll put you somewhere to sleep in the interim, until I decide what to do,” Pompey said.

“Just go down there and see how e go look,” Pompey told the defendant, referring to prison.

The magistrate remanded Mc Coy to prison until last Thursday for sentencing.  

At the sentencing hearing, the magistrate asked Mc Coy how his experience in prison was.

“Me nah like it!” Mc Coy responded. 

“Well, you got to stay out of trouble. There are consequences for your actions. And this could be one of them if you continue in your path. So just stop. Get hold ah yourself; look for a work or something.”

On the criminal trespass charge, the magistrate bonded Mc Coy for one year in the sum of EC$800. If he breaches the bond, he must pay the sum forthwith or go to prison for four months

On the theft charge, Mc Coy was sentenced to three months in prison suspended for six months.

“My sentence is just to prevent you from getting in trouble. Walk the straight and narrow road or if you continue like that, what you see down there, it could be months, it could be years — it depends. Stay out ah trouble,” the magistrate told the defendant.

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  1. O boy St Vincent hard boy, it you have to steel use draws to sell, and if you have to buy use draws to live, it only tell you where the country is going, down the drain, lord help us and save our soul

  2. Aah! Magistrate Bertie Pompey is becoming so much like Magistrate Mounsey with his #WORDS.
    I wonder if he recalled how much he used to provoke me at CPS. LOL!
    Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Mek ar yo na bin say to de 2 ghosts wa bin walk in CJohn place and mek him stool himself? Hypocrites ?

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