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Waiting for housing
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Two years after the explosive eruption of La Soufriere, one resident of the volcano red zone is reminding the government that his family is still waiting for housing repair — as the prime minister asked.

Kenton X. Chance reports…

2 replies on “VIDEO: Waiting for housing”

  1. This is so typical of the Labour Love that is the mantra of ULP Governmental Regime. So many Vincentians who are deemed not supporters of the government are made to “suffer and die” by this uncaring cabal of heartless men! One day, conga day! This too, shall pass.

  2. Shelly-Ann Griffith says:

    This is very shame full to see that community members have to go to the media to get there voices herd. All persons in the red zone have been affected and its time to stop play politics and realized all of us are Vincentian and need assistance.

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