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Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are investigating the 17th homicide in the country this year.

The latest victim has been identified as Nigel Thomas, of Brighton, a police source has told iWitness News.

Officers responded Monday night to a report of apparent gunfire in Diamond, near the “Welcome to Diamond” sign.

When officers arrived, they met Thomas motionless with what appeared to be gunshot wounds about his body.

He was later pronounced dead.

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Thomas’ death comes two days after the country recorded its 16th homicide when Jamarlo “Ice” Dunbar, 31, of Pole Yard, originally of Rillan Hill, was shot and killed in Arnos Vale.

On Friday, in Belair, police responded to a report of a 6-month-old baby lying dead in the yard of a three-storey building, where his family lived on the first floor.

Initial reports were that police were looking into a theory that the baby may have been thrown from the building by an adult relative who has a history of mental illness.

Three of the homicides this year resulted from police shooting and killing people in the line of duty.

Two of the people killed by police are said to have had a history of mental illness.

SVG recorded a record 42 homicides in 2022.

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  1. Well the high maintenance women are at it again. The government and the police are clueless in the fight against crime in Vincy.The police would rather target law abiding citizens like protestors and anyone deemed to belong to the opposition party than tackle our out of control murder rate. Sad state of affairs or do the high maintenance women need counseling?

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