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Beach cleanr up

Members of Stubbs Police Youth Club cleaned up the Argyle Beach area on Saturday from 7to 11 a.m., removing 50 extra-large bags of garbage from the area.

The main items removed during the clean-up were household items namely, clothing, footwear, toiletries containers, food containers and beverage boxes and bottles.

There were large quantities of plastics, namely bags, bottles, “take away containers”, chairs, clothes baskets, toys and jugs.

The group also removed Styrofoam containers and packing foams from the area.

Vehicle parts and white goods such as fridges, stoves, freezers, toilet bowls and seats were seen dumped in one specific area.

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The group also said it observed large quantities of “peeling” from agricultural produce and lawn grass at the site, although these can be very useful to create compost.

The Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority partnered with the club in this exercise.

Coordinators of the Police Youth club Yoland London and Lovitha Boyea appealed to people who use the beach area for recreation to use it responsibly by taking their trash with them after visiting the area.

Additionally, they are urging people who are guilty of dumping garbage in the area to use legal disposal sites/means to dispose of their garbage.

The club hopes to conduct some community sensitisation sessions on environmental topics, including pollution and is in communication with the SWMU regarding the placement of “No dumping” signs in the area.

The club said it hope that once these signs are in place, people will be willing to report anyone dumping there and also that the authorities responsible for enforcement will do their part to ensure a strong message is sent to perpetrators