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Rev. Kelron Harry. (iWN file photo)
Rev. Kelron Harry. (iWN file photo)
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A Vincentian pastor has issued a statement saying that he is not the cleric that a recent newspaper article said allegedly engaged in “an unlawful sex act allegedly with a Vincentian student pursuing studies at a university”.

The article, published in The News newspaper on Friday, May 26, did not identify the pastor, student, university, the date of the alleged incident, nor the country in which it allegedly occurred.

The article, however, said the alleged act reportedly took place when the pastor went to visit the student during his travels overseas.

The article did not include any photograph.

However, earlier this week, an image began circulating on social media of  the newspaper article with a photograph of Reverend Kelron Harry edited into it.

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In a statement issued on Wednesday, Harry, who is pastor of the Arnos Vale Church of the Nazarene, disassociated himself from the contents of the article.

“I am stating unequivocally that I have no association with that article. The pastor being spoken of in that article is not me, Rev Kelron Harry.”

Harry said that he is overseas with his brother who is receiving treatment after suffering from a brain tumour and two strokes. 

He said he received a call on Wednesday from “a friend who was very upset” who told him about the image that was being circulated via WhatsApp.

“I trust that the law will deal with the pastor who is being accused in the article but someone in an attempt to implicate me and assassinate my character has photoshopped and attached my photograph to the article and sent it to their contacts,” Harry said.  

“Please note that I have spoken to the Cybercrime unit and my lawyer because I am taking this situation very, very seriously.  I urge you not to participate in this wicked and malicious act by continuing to peddle this criminal act.

“Please continue to pray for my brother that he will recover totally and please pray for my family. This wicked act has been very troubling to my family.  The enemy has been trying by all means to bring destruction but God is our refuge and strength!” the statement said.

In 2021, Harry emerged as a leading religious voice condemning the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, under which the government went on to fire hundreds of public sector workers who failed to take the jab.

In one of his public statements, he described the mandate as “unethical, ungodly and wicked”.

In May 2017, Harry became the first Vincentian to serve as superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene in the Windward Islands district: St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Grenada.

In March, Harry announced to the district assembly that he would not be seeking a new term as district superintendent.

He said he would be taking time for “introspection, to recharge, to spend more time with the family and to definitely assist my brother during this difficult time”.