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Vakeesha John, seen here in a November 2022 campaign photo, resigned as on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, as president of the NDP's Youth Arm.
Vakeesha John, seen here in a November 2022 campaign photo, resigned as on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, as president of the NDP’s Youth Arm.
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Vakeesha John, president of the Young Democrats, the youth arm of the New Democratic Party, has quit after six months in the post.

John submitted her resignation to the president of the party, Opposition Leader Godwin Friday, on Tuesday, and announced it on her Facebook page one day later.

“This experience has made me even more confident that SVG can be in safe hands once our youth are given the opportunity to work, lead and grow,” John said in her Facebook post, which was addressed to the Young Dems.

“I must say there were rather challenging moments that I encountered as president of the youth arm, some of which I shared with you. As communicated to the leadership of the NDP, I believe it is in my own personal interest and that of the party’s, that I resign,” she said in the May 30 statement.

“However, I will encourage you to continue to stand up for youth and to stand up for yourself. And, if you get tired of standing, take a break, remove yourself from the environment and start again. You have a lot to offer. Deliver with boldness, excellence and humility,” she said.

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“It has been a pleasure working with you. We have had some amazing moments, with laughter, great food and incredible ideas for youth development. We have formed bonds of friendships and have created networking opportunities for personal and career development.”

John, an educator who was dismissed under the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, was elected to the post unopposed in November.

After her election as president of the Young Democrats, John said on NICE Radio that her focus was on the group but she was not dismissing a possible candidacy in Central Leeward.

“For now, my focus is the Young Democrats. I’m here to function and to give it my all. I’m not dismissing any future opportunities,” she said on “Current Affairs”.

“But I want Central Leeward to know that if at any point I ever decide to take that step, … I don’t just live in the constituency like some representatives; the constituency lives in me,” the 29-year-old Layou resident said.

“So regardless to where I go, I am from Central Leeward. I represent Central Leeward. I live there. It lives in me and I will have your best interests at heart if I ever decide to do that,” she said, noting that the topic of a possible candidate had come up repeatedly during the radio show.

One reply on “Young Dems president quits”

  1. Percy Palmer says:

    I hope she takes the plunge to run for Central Leeward. You must work with the various churches in Layou and central Leeward because they have been voting ULP for years.
    Come up with activities to get folks to communicate. Trips and picnics are activities to bring folks together.
    The NDP can have several gathering at Jackson Bay and Mt Wynn. Arnhim did this at Sion Hill for many years, but never had this event in other areas.
    Let Friday help you to organize a yacht/boat club to get kids and fisher persons involve. Right now they operate in few areas and the emphasis seems to be in the Grenadines and Calliqua.
    Layou, Baga and even Buccament can also host these events. Folks can become members in a boat club where they can rent these sailboats to sail around the area.
    I will gladly become a member and so can and will many folks in foreign, visiting SVG. Set up a membership system and advertise it in SVG and foreign, so folks will be aware of recreation facilities they can enjoy while visiting.
    I am putting the idea out there and I know you may need lots of help to start and finance the project, but you have to start somewhere and that’s where the NDP can help.
    Good Luck!

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