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The virtual complainant, Dion Baptiste in a May 2023 photo.
The virtual complainant, Dion Baptiste in a May 2023 photo.
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A one-armed man will be sentenced on July 12 for abducting a 10-year-old girl, forcing her to perform fellatio on him, and making videos of it.

Dion Baptiste, a 37-year-old unemployed man, of Campden Park, pleaded guilty before the family court to charges of abduction, indecent assault, and two counts of child pornography, contrary to the Cybercrimes Act.

He has been remanded to prison until his sentencing.

In September 2018, Baptiste’s right hand was severed and he sustained other injuries during a cutlass attack.

Alphious Stephenson, another Campden Park resident, was charged on indictment that he wounded Baptiste at Campden Park on Sept. 13, 2018.

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Baptiste also suffered a chop wound to his back through which his intestines were visible.

The Serious Offences Court, before which Stephenson first appeared, heard that the men are alleged to have been involved in an altercation previously, during which Stephenson suffered injuries to his head and face.

Stephenson had been hospitalised as a result of the injuries.

The court heard that Baptiste is alleged to have chopped Stephenson on Sept. 6, 2018, resulting in him spending seven days in hospital.

Stephenson reportedly attacked and chopped Baptiste about a week after the alleged attack on him (Stephenson).

The court heard that the detective handling the matter had urged Stephenson to return to investigators the medical injury form he had been issued after the alleged Sept. 6 attack that left him nursing injuries to his head.

The court heard when the detective obtained the forms from Stephenson, they were incomplete, suggesting that he had never given them to a physician to complete.

iWitness News has been unable to verify the outcome or status of the charge against Stephenson in relation to that matter.

10 replies on “One-arm man abducts child, makes pornographic video of her”

  1. Karl Maylor says:

    That poor child for the rest of their life trauma their parents trauma their family and friends trauma, him lucky only Ah hand him loose… The law is the law and we should not take into our own hands ??? Sorry 99.5% of us as parents would definitely take matters into our own hands??? Honestly death to easy for him not going to say anymore as people like these should suffer pain trauma for the rest of their life….

  2. So where he from make a difference?? And what u trying to say Camden park ain’t got these types of criminals


  4. Take warning says:

    Is this place i a village in hell were the devil is in full control ? We’re are all the church goers ?

  5. Take off the other hand and perform a castration without any anesthesia.

    An eye for an eye.

  6. Duke De Arment says:

    So much pedo-sexually sick men in SVG for such as small population. And now with the sick social values coming from the USA…such as calling these people “MAP” is only going to make it get worse in SVG

  7. What is the news story about? Is it about the 10 year old girl, or about the chopping incident, or are the two related in some way? This is a very poorly written piece

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