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Kenrick Quashie. (iWN file photo)
Kenrick Quashie. (iWN file photo)
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By Kenrick Quashie 

I wonder if other names were used in Zion-I’s calypso, if it would have gotten so much attention and caused such outrage. Where was the outrage when a certain officer cried rape?  Where is the outrage, when so many more women plea for protection against sexual crimes and violence?  Instead of outrage and disgust, we had a “Rape Rally” — an event which I am guilty of attending — one of my biggest regrets. Thankfully, I was able to see the folly of my ways and I am better poised to fight against wrong.

I am neither here nor there about Zion-I’s song. What I do have to say though, and which I think the learned calypsonian is alluding to, is that as a country we need to have an open and honest conversation about the rape culture in SVG and the constant accusations of sexual assault and rape against leaders in politics, business, religion, civics, constabulary, and even familial households.  

Moreover, Zion-I urges us to fights against the negative issues that continue to plague us and demand better from our leaders.  Case in point: we accept the constant insults being hurled at citizens by the prime minister, insults which do not seem to generate any outrage. He says that some Vincentians have “Crab inna barrel mentality”, are “lowest common denominator”, “chattering nabobs”, “nasty dutty dog” and the list goes on and on. Where is the outrage?

Seriously, does a prime minister have any calling to refer to citizens as such? The same people he has to govern over without fear or favour, without belittling them and eroding the essence of our human dignity?

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Where is the outrage when the prime minister of our country boasts about putting a “hook in SVG’s gill”?

What about the criminals walking about freely in our country? Where is the outrage against the poor leadership of the police force and the government as regards curbing crime in our country?

Where is the outrage against the silencing and destruction of the church and NGOs that are supposed to be the gatekeepers of our society?

Most recently, when I was home, I walked through Kingstown and all I saw was a depressed people. I had a letter written to the COP seeking permission to drive around Kingstown with an amplified system. I wanted to proclaim to my people that we don’t have to accept what is handed out to us. We deserve better! We can do better! Sadly, the permission was never granted.

Never again must we allow any one person to sit in the seat of power for so long. This very prime minister, while in opposition, declared that a prime minister must not spend more than two terms in office because after that, they treat their citizens with contempt.

SVG, in its current state, and Prime Minister Gonsalves’ MO is a perfect example of contemptuous leadership. With such disregard for accountability, prudence and good governance are all curse words.

No country’s leader should crave the title of longest-serving leader. It is not an honour. History will judge such accolades as a curse on the land.  The economic law of utility justifies this point. The point of equilibrium is passed and now we are just regressing.

The Christian Bible in Matthew 5:13 talked about salt and light. Jesus’ recorded words said If the salt loses its saltiness, it is only good to be trampled upon by men. I think the church in SVG is at the point of dangerously nearing that point. It is no surprise then, that it is being trampled upon. For evidence, refer to the PM’s statement at the Crime Symposium in Trinidad and Tobago a few months ago.

The good thing is that our current mess doesn’t have to prevail. We can rise up, recall and demand better.

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2 replies on “SVG is in a mess”

  1. When an educated leader does name calling to his country he or she must realize that he or she is also calling himself or herself names. Name callings are childish behaviors.

  2. Take warning says:

    Svg in a mess ? Who put un in ah mess , na de people? the dotish, stupid, foolish , poor, indegent poor, genteel poor llove it so and very proud to be so. has somebody bewitched dem ? strongly believe so.

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