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Police in Georgetown have launched an investigation into damage to property and attempted theft offences, connected to the vandalism of an ATM machine in that east coast town.

In a statement on Sunday, police said the offences occurred between Thursday, June 22, and Friday, June 23 on the premises of the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The suspect in the video is a subject of interest in the investigation.

The police are soliciting the assistance of the public in identifying the suspect. Persons with information that can assist with the investigations are strongly encouraged to contact the following:

  1. Police control by dialling 999 or 911.
  2. The Georgetown Police Station at telephone numbers 1-784-458-6229; or
  3. The officer in charge of the Georgetown Police Station at telephone number 1-784-458-6229- Ext. 4938.

“All calls will be treated confidentially,” police said.

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11 replies on “Police release video of G’town ATM vandal (+video)”

  1. Chester Connell says:

    I would suggest that the person seen in the video is not a “suspect”. Is there a suspicion that the person in the video committed the crime? “Is there a measure of doubt that the person seen in the video is the person who committed that crime? Are the police not sure that the person seen in the video is the same person committing the crime? I know that, “St. Vincent is not a real place” however I maintain that that individual seen in the video is the same person who committed the crime. “Suspect”, the noun, as used here, is a word taken from the book of, “Before Security Cameras were Invented”. Carry on smartly.

  2. Mr Why So Cheap. says:

    Why isn’t that camera recording in color, even my cheap Chinese cameras records in color at night. What happened to the door access that requires your bank card as well?

  3. Karl Maylor says:

    How you going to identify the person looking at that video ???????? Camera outside should have picked up the person entering ??? The same camera he covered would ?? no should have picked him up before covering ??? Or am I missing something here ????

  4. He should have been electriccuited using that hammer. Surprised no one heard the notice he must gave been Making judging by the force he swing the hammer

  5. Hyacinth harry says:

    Confidentiality?Thats a problem in Svg but anytime I see anything illegal,I shall report it to the police..
    And every good citizen should..

  6. Percy Palmer says:

    Great! His clothing will be used to identify him. Someone will recognize him from the back. I agree that a camera at the front would have added another picture, but his face could have been covered.
    There is no need for a colour camera, although is may have caught the colour of his shirt.
    Why isn’t the caller offer a reward to identify the culprit? His/her identity should also be kept a secret.
    All businesses and home should have cameras.

  7. Not so smartman says:

    @chester Connell do you not see a mask on the person’s face? if not a suspect, what would you call the individual committing the crime? smart man.

  8. Well 1 it hard to recognize someone with a hoodie at night blue can look black..
    2 what kind of thief is this youth is? you ever see ATM give money from the machine screen

  9. This criminal can be easily identified by the imprint on the back of his clothing. I am sure he is not wearing brand new clothing to commit this crime. Someone knows this person.

  10. Sandra Horne says:

    Chester rightfully the person is a suspect until he is proven guilty in the court of law. The court of Law will use the evidence before it to convict the suspect using the treshold ” beyond a reasonable doubt”.That is why the court of law exists to deal with the dispensation of justice. However, the lawmen in St Vincent are ofren foubd wanting because they often perform a very poor job writing a report. Many criminala escape justice by a mere technicality.

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