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Bequia road
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A resident of Bequia has shared with iWitness News these recent photos of Bluff Point, Bequia.
The road in the area has been failing for years and is now at the point where residents feel it is merely a matter of time before disaster strikes in the area.

The government is yet to repair the road despite calls over the years by MP for the Northern Grenadines, Opposition Leader Godwin Friday for the road, which borders the sea and is severely undermined, to be repaired.

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2 replies on “‘A disaster waiting to happen’ in Bequia  ”

  1. The man is a disaster himself, take warning Mr Disaster the people hold the power NOT YOU, SO WE WILL MEET AND GREET YOU AT THE NEXT ELECTION, MR WORLD BOSS, SO ENJOY YOUR LAST FLING

  2. John Kuumba Cato says:

    My kids mother family is from this area, well so is my kids. A brother of mine pastors a church in this area. Vincentians must remember how “rock gutter” tragedy affected the whole nation and they must not turn their faces away. It’s been said that land has already been provided to alter the traffic, the government must not make lame excuses like “people nah war road through dem back yard” in this the 21st century THAT is a difficult engineering project? Ah woulda suck me teeth “stewps” but ah done lose half ah dem already. Well me ain’t no civil engineer, ah not even civil, but once the alternate route is built you nah blast the whole area let it fall in the sea then refill it. What happen you can protect other parts of the country coastline, but dem people Dey coastline too hard. Now give me a break.

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