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Ragga Soca Monarch 2022, Delroy "Fireman" Hooper during his winning performance.
Ragga Soca Monarch 2022, Delroy “Fireman” Hooper during his winning performance.
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The following artistes have been selected from the Ragga Soca & Soca Monarch preliminaries held on Monday to compete in the finals which is scheduled for July 7 and 8, respectively, at the Victoria Park commencing at 9 p.m.:

Ragga Soca Category

1. Hance John — Bruk Out

2. Javid “Jay–R” Rouse — Love of Carnival

3. Omarion “Marlo Benn” Benn — Jam Again

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4. Ozarie Matthews — Pastor Choking the Bishop

5. Nasir “Nasos” Primus — Dirty Mas

6. Ramon “Jose Juan” Diaz — Until Ah Wet

7. Jasper “Jasper Ymc” Alexander — Festival

8. Denis Bowman — Tink Butt Easy

9. Gregory “Pekos” Cato — Poor Keyboard

10. Shaunelle Mckenzie — Doh Study Meh

11. Mcgaffrey “Loombay” Medford, Jesse “Fligh” Haynes & Brendon “Mac-I Saunders — Wasted

12. Rayvonne “Reva” Rodney — Zess No Stress

Soca Monarch Category

1. Kemmy Christopher — Spirit of Carnival

2. Keneil “Dose Up” Alexander — Butt

3. Omarion “Marlo Benn” Benn — Horn Me

4. Shorn “Shorn Beats” Nimblet, Kelvin “Double R” Wilson & Enrique

Marshall — Good Energy

5. Kahm “Fligh” Haynes — Farmer

6. Keith Currency — Rum Over People

7. Zimbory “Ghaza” Joseph — Carnival

8. Kertis “Gully” Marshall — Why De Cat In The Rain

9. Javid “Jay-R” Rouse — Wild

10. Esron “Esron Spielbery — Headways

11.Samantha Bryant & Nadine Bryant (Sun Divas) — Sick Wuk

12.Alpha “Stinger Nettle” Allick — Bring Yo Catt In The Road

13.Ishatta “Shatta” Da Silva — Long Fi See Town

14.Kelvin Killy” Wilson — In Dey

All artistes are asked to attend a meeting at the CDC’s conference room today

(Tuesday) at 5 p.m.

A representative of the band K–Netik is also asked to be in attendance.

Delroy “Fireman” Hooper is the reigning monarch in both categories of the competition.

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