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A Mt Bentick man who beat his wife, escaped prison time after she told the court  she had intended to drop the charges.

In light of the woman’s comments, Magistrate Bertie Pompey impose a one year bond on the defendant, who had assaulted his wife, Alica Ballantyne, causing actual bodily harm.

If the man, Quinton Ballantyne, breaches the bond, he must pay the court EC$3,000 forthwith or spend four months in prison.

The Georgetown Magistrate’s Court heard that on June 17, about 10:05 a.m., at Mt Young, Ballantyne’s wife was taking their 5-year-old — the youngest of their four children — to visit the child’s maternal grandmother.

The defendant met his wife and daughter on their way and he took the child from the mother and carried her home.

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His wife continued on her journey.

When the wife returned home around 9:45 p.m., the defendant pointed his hands at her face and told her, “Mek today be the last you go down by your mother eh!”

The court also heard that the defendant hit his wife in the head and back with his hands and knocked her head against a wall.

Having pleaded guilty to the charge, the husband told the court that he does not have a good relationship with his mother-in-law.

He said that while his wife may visit her, he doesn’t want his children to do so.

He said, the day before he told his wife, “make this be the first and last you do that”. 

The husband said when he said those words he meant, “Do not insult him in public.”

Prosecutor Corporal Delando Charles told the court that a strong message must be sent to persons considering such an offence.

Before handing down his sentence, Pompey said, “There is no justification for this violence, plain and simple, and the punishment must reflect that.”

The magistrate said he was going to impose a custodial sentence.

Charles informed the magistrate that the virtual complainant was in court.

Pompey asked the virtual complainant to take the stand .

“I am mindful to give him a custodial sentence. What do you think of that?” the magistrate told the virtual complainant.

The woman had bruises on her forehead and right eye and told the court they were as a result of the beating.

 “I came with the intention to ask that the charges be dropped,” she said.