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2023 calypso semis

Patrons furing a performance at the semi-finals show on Friday, June 30, 2023 at Victoria Park.

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Lornette Fya Empress Nedd 230630
Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd.
Shaunelle Mc Kenzie 230630
Shaunelle Mc Kenzie
Shena Collis 230630
Shena Collis
Phylicia Nubian Empress Alexander 230630
Phylicia “Nubian Empress” Alexander.
Gosnel GC Cupid 230630
Gosnel “GC” Cupid
Robert Patches King 230630
Robert “Patches” King
Bernard Reality White 230630
Bernard “Reality” White
Omani Cupid 230630
Omani Cupid
Carlos Rejector Providence 230630
Carlos “Rejector” Providence
Glenroy Sulle Caesar 230630
Glenroy “Sulle Caesar
Cleo Cleopatra Hendrickson 230630
Cleo “Cleopatra” Hendrickson
Denis Bowman 230630
Denis Bowman (Reserve)
Maxwell Tajoe Francis 230630
Defending monarch, Maxwell “Tajoe” Francis, makes a guest performance at the semi-finals show on Friday, June 30, 2023.

2 replies on “In Photos: Calypso Monarch finalists 2023”

  1. Elrick Edward says:

    Thought “SVG IS NOT A REAL PLACE” might have made the Finals- being such a popular, well-loved, and strong social song. Anyway, that’s how it goes sometimes.

  2. Take warning says:

    Wa dis horay about ? Ar yo na done kno de positions ? Hell 🔥 tooo good fo some ar yo hypo

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