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The deceased, Kemon Roberts.
The deceased, Kemon Roberts.
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A 28-year-old Golden Vale man today (Tuesday) became the 29th homicide victim in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year when he was shot in the head in his community shortly before  8 a.m.

The dead man is Kemon Roberts, his mother, Denise Roberts, told iWitness News in Calliaqua today as she made her way to the police station in the south coast town. 

Roberts told iWitness that she learnt of her son’s death when someone came to her gate and told her to have faith because someone had just shot her son. 

She said her son, a supervisor at a nearby company, was on his way to work when he was shot about five minutes’ walk from his home.

“He left home say around 17 minutes to 8,” she said, adding that her son was wearing headphones when he was shot and killed. 

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She said her son worked at a nearby company as a supervisor and she wondered if his death had anything to do with a recent incident that she said allegedly involved one of his coworkers.

“I wouldn’t say he was the best of persons. He was a little hostile at times but if you catch him in the right frame of mind, he was the best person,” the mother said.

She said that by “hostile”, she meant that her son loved to argue but was not the kind of person to interfere with others.

“He would argue his point,” she said.

Roberts said there was a recent incident “which I come and kind of calmed him down with somebody from [his workplace].

“I don’t know what was the problem but I came and told him forget about it. He said he was supervising the job and somebody — I don’t know what he did to them or whatever, but they said it was him who told the manager stuff.

“So they were taking it out on him so he was trying to tell them it was not him.”

The mother said she was trying to cope with the death of her son.

“Nobody would feel comfortable. I feel sad,” she told iWitness News. 

“No matter how bad your child is, you will feel sad to know somebody take a gun and shoot him in the head.”

The mother said she did not see nor did she want to see her son’s body at the scene near the Calliaqua Anglican Church where her son was shot dead in the street. 

She spoke to iWitness News while on the way to the Calliaqua Police Station to speak with officers investigating the killing. 

9 replies on “Man shot dead while walking to work”

  1. Is our leader asleep? Guess he’s busy making his mark on the world stage..what a man ,what a country ,what a people. So very very sad..but our people for the most part don’t seem to think this leader is taking us down the wrong road ..the blind is leading the blind.

  2. Horrible! My deepest condolences to the mother and entire family. I hope the mother gave the name of the coworker with whom her son had the argument to the police. This coworker should be the prime suspect of this killing and be investigated.
    The mother of the deceased must be careful for her life as these criminals/murderers cannot be trusted.

  3. Mercy has already departed from this once blessed land maybe from somewhere between 2002 and 2023 from d head rite down to d toe I don’t kno, someone might kno better than me.
    It’s really sad.

    Don’t forget d dismissed workers, they too r feeling d blunt of d departure of mercy

  4. Recker d jack says:

    with all these crime’s on this little island this is not a really good look for svg 🙏🏿🙏🏿have mercy on svg

  5. SVG is a harsh and inconsiderate place, I’m assuming that the interview was priority over the empathy of a woman just losing her child…

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