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A South Rivers woman has told the court that she would rather go to prison than pay the EC$500 fine imposed after she was found guilty of assaulting a fellow villager.

On Thursday, the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court ordered Herlan Adams to pay the fine or go to prison for one month.

This was the sentence of Magistrate Bertie Pompey who found Adams guilty of a charge that on May 31, at South Rivers, she assaulted Nelcia “Pam” Horne, occasioning actual bodily harm.

Horne testified that on May 31, she was cleaning up her yard after sharing breadnuts with some children.  

She said that as she was sweeping, Adams picked up two stones and told her not to sweep there, as it did not belong to her.

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Adams had earlier told the court that she “can’t hear too well”, suggesting that he was hearing-impaired.

As Horne testified, the magistrate asked Adams if she was hearing what the complainant was saying.

Adams, who represented herself, told the court that she was not hearing.

However, she appeared to be taking advantage of the situation, by conveniently hearing what she wanted to. The magistrate later reprimanded her, saying, “Look, this is not a kangaroo court!”

The magistrate accommodated Adams by allowing Horne and the prosecution witnesses to stand very close to her. 

Horne told the court that she continued sweeping and Adams told her, “I go lick down your m****r c**t”.

Horne said the defendant pelted another stone, which struck her on the left ankle while another stone the defendant pelted, hit her on the right instep. She said she reported the matter to the Colonarie Police Station and also visited the district doctor.

Asked if she had any questions for Horne, Adams told the court, “I don’t know nothing about no stone. I don’t know anything about Pam. I know nothing.”

Prosecution witnesses, Corporal 670 Williams and WPC 895 Joseph of the Colonarie Police Station also gave evidence.

Joseph told the court, the defendant declined to give a statement.

The defendant didn’t have any questions for either of the witnesses.

In her evidence, Adams said, “Par me live, Pam blocked the door with a block and throw a load of gravel on the land. I want she to move them. I don’t interfere Pam…”

During cross examination by prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles, Adams said there is gravel in the yard but denied pelting stones at Pam.

After the magistrate handed down the guilty verdict, Adams said, “Guilty and me nah do she a thing!”

Pompey asked Adams why she shouldn’t be sent to prison.

Adams responded, “Me nah do one thing!”

The magistrate ordered Adams to pay EC$250 forthwith and the balance in one month or spend one month in prison.

“Me nar pay none. Me nah do Pam nutten,” Adams told the court, “Alyo would have to send me to prison.”

At the end of the sitting around noon, Adams had failed to pay forthwith the amount.

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  1. Sydney Morgan says:

    (As Horne testified, the magistrate asked Adams if she was hearing what the defendant was saying.)…..

    Please revisit this news article and do the necessary edit. According to your news item, Adams is the defendant and Horne, the complainant.

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