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Roneake Burke leaves the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court in police custody on July 17, 2023 after failing to secure a surety.
Roneake Burke leaves the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court in police custody on July 17, 2023 after failing to secure a surety.
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The Georgetown Magistrate’s Court has rejected a woman as a surety for her son, who is charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

“I remember you!” Magistrate Bertie Pompey told Emaile Caine, of Byera, “You can’t control him.”

Pompey was referring to Caine’s son the defendant, Roneake Burke, also of Byera

Burke appeared before the magistrate charged that on July 2, at the Byera public road, without lawful excuse he had in his possession an offensive weapon, to wit a cutlass.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and prosecutor Corporal Delando Charles had no objection to bail but asked that the sum be significant.

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Pompey set bail at EC$1,800 with surety.

“I’m really cautious with you as surety, accepting you as surety,” Pompey told Caine during the July 17 hearing, as she stood in the dock, seeking to be approved as a surety for her son.

Charles chimed in: “I am with you. History tells us that this particular person (Caine) is not capable of carrying out her duties.”

The magistrate and prosecutor were referring to last February when Caine narrowly escaped a one-month jail term after bailing her son on a threatening language charge.

On that occasion, Caine was a surety for Burke, who is a regular in court.

However, when the matter was called, Burke was absent.

Caine, who was present, informed the court that her son was at home.

She said she had told him that morning they had to go to court.

“Well you know what that means,” Pompey told the woman at the time. “You signed the bond so it’s EC$1,000 forthwith or one month.”

Caine told the court she did not have any money to pay.

“Well, it’s one month,” the magistrate responded.

Burke arrived at the court about 30 minutes later as his teary-eyed mother sat on the prisoners’ bench.

Later, as the mother and son re-appeared before the magistrate, the woman indicated that she wanted to continue as surety for her son.

At the end of his July 17 court appearance, Burke remained sitting when the court was ordered to rise as a mark of respect for the authority of the magistrate.

However, although the prosecutor and court orderlies told him to stand, Burke remained seated with a stern look on his face.

“Let him remain defiant,” the magistrate said.

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  1. Send that disrespectful scum to prison if that’s how he wanna act in the presence of the Magistrate ,y’all Vincentians has become so disrespectful and lawless ,maybe his man is already waiting for him and here

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