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Dungeon 2

On June 21, 2023, Kenton Chance, executive editor of iWitness News visited Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, where dungeons that were temporary prisons for slaves are located.

As we celebrate the 185th anniversary of the declaration of Emancipation in the former British Empire, we are pleased to take you along on this tour.

3 replies on “VIDEO: Cape Castle (Ghana) slave dungeons”

  1. Arnold Thomas says:

    Visited this horrible site with a delegation of Caribbean politicians in 2000 ….you should see big men and women cry! Never to be forgotten. REPARATIONS NOW!

  2. Take warning says:

    We black people really suffer tremendously and is still suffering today. The disturbing part is how we black people treats one another.

  3. History has told me that Africans themselves were complicit in the enslavement of their own people . However ,this is no way should condone the action of the Whiteman in the most horrible genocide ever known to man. The same conditions that existed in the enslavement of Africans still exist today in these countries. Mental slavery that the prophet Bob Nesta Marley spoke of is well and alive in the African race. The guide is true that the global system that led to enslavement still exist today, whether in economics or in sociology. Africans continue to carry out the mandate of the slavers to the downfall of the African race whether home or abroad. Africans are still in a deep slumber as they are yet to wake up and live.

    Symptoms and relicts of slavery is the tendency for Africans to be involved in the killings of their own people, areas occupied by African dependents have the highest murder rate in the world is no surprise as self hatred taught to Africans is well and alive, and they have graduated in this tendency. Indeed it should not be so ,but it is.

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